Ce matin là, la vue sur la baie de Candidasa, avec au dessus le mont Agung était incroyablement belle. La marée était basse, l’eau très calme, c’était un jour magnifique pour parfaire notre éducation sur les coraux... Explore
Specifically about dangerous venomous snakes in Bali. How to behave if you see a snake and you are left alone with it? Where to go if you are bitten by a snake in Bali. Snake bite, first aid... Explore
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Voici des informations complètement inutiles pour chacun d’entre nous. La première information qui vous sera offerte par Internet si vous demandez «quelle heure est-il actuellement en Indonésie ? » sera ...

Les îles chaudes de l'Indonésie plairont à ceux qui aiment le soleil, les hautes vagues et qui n'ont ...

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1) Initial way of Tengger volcano Lava
2) « Bromo village » Cemara L ...Explore
Indonesia covered with dozens of volcanoes that periodically show their character. This troubled land has taught inhabitants of the islands to be...Explore
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It’s been 30 years since the great French reporter Nicolas Hulot* traveled to East Java for his celebrated adventure television program (Ushuaia), in order to produce a 35-minute report on .....Explore
25th November Gunung Agung started to erupt at 5.15pm. It's not magmatic eruption yet but its start to be more and more impressive. Ubud or south Bali is not, until now, on the way of the hashes.Explore
What is the situation and what are the preventive measures to take? Gunung Agung volcano (3142m high) is the highest volcano in Bali (in total 17 volcanoes are at Bali)...Explore
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While planning our second trip to Bali we realized that we want exceptional emotions and adventures, so tell me what can be more impressive and memorable than climb onto active volcano?...Explore