How do you stay safe during an earthquake.

09 August 2019

Main rules and information

If you live in an earthquake zone, you should be prepared to fend for yourself.

Be prepared with:

  1. ID cards

  2. Money (ATMs may not work)

  3. A first aid kit

  4. Flashlights 

  5. Food and water at least for three days(a gallon a day per person)

  6. Baby and pet food

During an Earthquake

Wherever you are when an earthquake starts, take cover immediately.

If you indoors, remember the main rule: “Drop, Cover, Hold on.”

  1. Get under -- and hold onto --a table, desk, bed, any solid furniture or stand against an interior wall. 
  2. Stay away from exterior walls, glass, bulky furniture, fireplaces, and shelves with heavy objects. 
  3. If you are in a wheelchair, move the car out of traffic, lock the wheels, and protect the back of your head and neck. Avoid parking under or on bridges or overpasses. Try to get clear of trees, light posts, signs, and power lines.
  4. If you’re in a crowded public place, avoid panicking and do not rush for the exit. Stay low and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.


If you are outdoors

  1. Stay outside.

  2. Go to an open area away from buildings. 

  3. If you're in a mountainous area, beware of the potential for landslides. Likewise, if you're near the ocean, be aware that tsunamis are associated with large earthquakes. Get to high ground. 

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