24 hours trip to the magical Kawan Ijen



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OH MY, where to start? Magical? Beautiful? Amazing? I honestly don't think that you can describe the view and experience like Kawan Ijen with words. It needs to be experienced.

I went for a 24-hours trip with Indotravelteam to Kawan Ijen and it was absolutely amazing. All started in a car from Seminyak, I had my backpack ready and the hours of traveling to Java was waiting.

We arrived to Kawan Ijen basecamp and we meet our sweet guide Hary. It’s middle in the night and we have no idea what we should expect. We got the equipment we needed and prepared ourselves with a lot of clothes. I heard before that it’s really cold up there so I brought all my warm clothes and mentally prepared myself, because I hate to feel cold (yes even if I’m swedish haha).

So I had like three layers of everything and we started the hike. Already after fifteen minutes I removed two of the layers and I actually enjoyed the fresh and chilled air. As we were moving and using our bodies to hike it was lovely to have that cold breeze to breathe. And we walked and walked. It was uphill. And we walked. Step by step.

Breathless but excited. I felt alive. I love to be outside the nature and use my body. I guess it’s because it make me feel present. I can hear all sounds around me, I can feel the wind touch my face, I can feel the cold air through my breathes and I’m observing the ground to know where to put my feet.

When we stopped, I could feel my heartbeat so clear. I’ve to say, uphill hike is a damn good cardio. And a wake up call for the body at 3am as well, haha. We took a short break and had some water. It was totally dark. Had no idea how the surroundings looked like except the path. All flashlights was directed to the ground. I looked up to the sky. Hey lovely Luna. The sky was full of stars and the powerful moon. I don't know why, but I'm so amazed of the moon. It is just something inside my thats wakes up and I feel connected to something bigger out there.

And we continued the hike. And suddenly we was on the top. I'm like “Wait what, already??”. Such an amazing feeling. It was still dark when we got there but we could see flashlights, white smoke and the shining moon. Slowly it started to get brighter and we walked to the very top to experience the beautiful sunrise. The sky was painting with colors. Red, yellow, pink.

The sun rises and I turned around, saw the turquoise lake. WOW. It looked unreal. The view was totally amazing. I was standing there completely surrounded by mountains, witnessing spectacular colors made by mother earth, it was truly amazing.

What to say, respect for mother nature, right?

One of the hard working sulfur miners at Ijen.

Lastly, after experienced that view, the steps to reach the top was only a memory. Honestly the amount of hike was just right. Not too much or too little. I will definitely go back there. For now, hands up for planet earth and our bodies that makes this possible. Feeling grateful for this fantastic trip. What an experience!

All the best, L


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