10 movies shot in Asia you must see

 28 August 2019

The beauty of the tropical islands and heavenly corners of our planet are given in our selection of top -10 films shot in Asia.
Caution! After watching the movie, you may want to buy a ticket to another hemisphere.

1. Baraka

The documentary film Baraka can transfer you to different places on the planet in a short time. This film shot in 24 countries of the world, including Asia. Through this film, director Ron Frick acquaints us with the culture, traditions, styles, and customs of different nations, peoples, and tribes.
In this film, you will not find the usual dialogues and plot construction. A separate point that deserves your attention is the music, specially written for each plot of the film. Baraka asks the viewers a lot of fundamental issues facing humanity in the 21st century, but is in no hurry to give simple answers to them, and does not impose his opinion.
The movie is sure to please fans of the philosophical genre.

2. Eat Pray Love

The film "Eat, Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts starring opens our world on the other hand. Having all that is needed for happiness in the classical sense of the word: husband, career, and stable life, Liz, in one night realizes that she lives another's life and goes in search of herself. The film is conditionally divided into three parts: Liz's journey to Italy, India, and Indonesia.

3. Samsara

The film, which was filmed in 25 countries for almost five years, is a one-and-a-half-hour journey to the most amazing places on the planet. Samsara's action gets the viewer to the sacred lands and the zones of natural disasters, to the heart of industrial objects and natural wonders. This fascinating film deserves your attention and admiration.

4. Seven Years in Tibet

The main character is Henry Harrer, a man who, it would seem, has everything. Henry decides to accomplish the feat and to conquer the peak of the Himalayas. 
However, the real testing awaits him. Once in Phasa the Tibetan city, the hero will experience events that will forever change his life. 
When you are shooting a movie about Dalai Lama and the seizure of Tibet by Chinese troops, you can be sure that the official Chinese authorities do not let you to their country a cannon shot. Therefore, officially Jean-Jacques Anno filmed "Seven Years in Tibet" in the mountains of Argentina. But after the release of the film with Brad Pitt and the completion of the film rental, the director confessed that one of his film crew secretly spent four months in Tibet, imprinting the local landscapes.

5. The Painted Veil

Psychological melodrama, which was based on the novel Moem "Pattern cover." Movie events check the feelings of the spouses on a difficult journey. The protagonist of the film is a doctor. He goes to help the poor peasants in the Chinese village, and his unfaithful wife Kitty goes with him. Their feelings began to cool down a long time, and this trip can change their future destinies.

6. The Impossible

In this film, the director Juan Bayon tells about the disaster of 2004, when a massive tsunami hit on Thailand. There were tens of thousands of dead and missing. The main characters are the family, that was lucky to stay alive. The film is based on real events. This is the story of a real family that was vacationing at that time on the coast of Thailand.

7. No Escape

The American family moves to Southeast Asia for a better life and turns out in the epicenter of a military coup. The actual topic raised in the film. It would seem that the 21st century is a highly developed civilization. However, people in some parts of the world still suffer from military conflicts, where civilians die for not at any price.
How far can a person go to save his wife and children from armed radicals?

8. The Beach

Everyone dreams of living in a paradise. But you need to understand that you have to pay for any conveniences. Richard and his friends were confronted with this discovery. 

The film is shot on the beautiful islands of Thailand. Part of the shooting occurred on the island of Pi-Pi, on the wild and beautiful beach of Maya Bay. This was the cause of the interest of tourists to these heavenly pieces of land increased. Tens of thousands of tourists float on boats to this wild place to touch the dream.

9. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

The story of the life of a young woman Brigitte, who dreams of personal happiness. The action of the film continues after the events of the first film. Bridget Jones has only found her love, already experiencing difficulties in the relationship.
But that's not all. Brigitte has a new boss with whom she needs to find a common language, and an abnormal customer troubles her. And here is the journey to Thailand ahead, but there everything goes wrong.

10. Anna and the King

The film is based on real events about Anna Leonovest. Activities took place in the 19th century in Siam - the Thai state. According to the film plot, Anna and her children moved to Siam to teach the King's children the English language. There are feelings between Anna and the King, but, according to the traditions of the Eastern state, they can not be together.


Super pour faire voyager en rêve!! Certains films sont très connus, merci de nous faire découvrir les autres)))

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