DV 3 days on Java: Surabaya – Bromo – Kawah Ijen – Bali


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Trip from Surabaya to amazing volcanoes Bromo and Kawah Ijen



The journey starts at sea level and gradually brings you up to an altitude of 2,300 meters. During this trip, you will climb stunning active volcanoes, dance at the edge of the calderas and descend into the Kawah Ijen crater to witness its magical “blue flames”, a unique phenomenon, as well as the largest sulfur acid lake in the world. You will also be able to observe the daily lives of the sulfur mine workers within the crater.

You will get to visit two of the top ten most fascinating volcanoes in the world during this tour.

You may miss a lot if you travel to Java on your own. Read more here.

Tour Features

No prepayment required

3 days 2 nights

Solo travellers are welcome

Start at Surabaya, finish at Bali

Language - English

Private trip available on request

Vegetarian meal on request

Tourist insurance included

Why visit Bromo and Kawah Ijen?

  • To witness an epic sunrise from the grandiose caldera of the Tenger-Bromo super volcano
  • To hear the roar of the Earth while balancing on the edge of an active volcano crater
  • To start from Surabaya and to finish it in Bali by a long but very interesting journey all over Java and so visit the most amazing places in East Java.

Short description

Day 1: Meeting at Surabaya (Train station or airport) at 6 pm and transfer by a comfortable car to Bromo’s village, situated 2300 meters above sea level.

Day 2: Bromo visit and hike, transfer and night on the way to Kawah Ijen.

Day 3: Kawah Ijen hike, way to Bali (drop off at Pemuteran, Munduk, Ubud or Seminyak)


Day 1 — Shuttle to Bromo

Meeting at Surabaya (Train station or airport) at 6 pm (or at Probolinggo at 9 pm)  and transfer by a comfortable car to Bromo’s village, situated 2300 meters above sea level. There we will have dinner in a traditional Indonesian restaurant — warung, — and spend the night in a cozy little guesthouse GOOD KARMA Bromo.

Day 2 — Bromo

Our journey begins with a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call and departure aboard an off-road 4x4 jeep. We will climb to the top of the Tenger-Bromo caldera to reach the “King-Kong” viewpoint (elevation: 2,650 m.)

At the viewpoint platform, we will witness a stunning sunrise over the following volcanoes:

Bromo (active, elevation: 2,300 m)

Batok (dormant, elevation: 2,400 m)

Semeru (active and erupting, elevation: 3,677 m, the tallest volcano in Java)

After enjoying the beautiful view (and depending on the weather conditions), we will cross the “sea of sand” (mostly made up of the volcanic ashes and debris of prior eruptions) and head to the sacred Hindu temples at the foot of the spectacular Bromo and Batok volcanoes.

Making our way around the temples dedicated to the gods living inside the crater, we will go up a steep and narrow path and climb 250 steps to reach the top of the Bromo. Only then, stunned by the sounds coming from the entrails of the Earth, and in the cold of the night, will we be able to experience the beauty of the smoking crater, its sulfur vapors emanating from the depths of the volcano. A truly unforgettable moment!

After exploring this extraordinary volcanic site, we will continue on our adventure, witnessing magnificent landscapes, traditional villages, various plantations (coffee, tobacco, rice, etc.), and authentic moments of the Javanese lifestyle in this beautiful volcanic region. We will enjoy a meal of local delicacies before making our way to the hotel.

Day 3 - Conquering the Kawah Ijen

Departure at +/- 11 p.m. (Day 2) for a 2 hours transfer to the Kawah Ijen base camp. After receiving instructions on safety and following the allocation of the necessary equipment (lamps, gas masks, etc.), we will start the climb at around 1 a.m. Our experienced and professional guides will lead you along a beautiful mountain path under the starry sky in order to reach the top of the crater (elevation: 2,300 m). It will take us between 1:30 and 2 hours to reach the top.

Once at the top of the crater, the most exciting part begins: we will descend, in complete darkness, into the crater of the active volcano to witness the unique phenomenon of the “blue flames”.

Our guides principally made up of former sulfur miners and porters and therefore very knowledgeable about the crater will help you descend safely. They will exercise constant vigilance and make sure you are using the protective masks appropriately, providing you with constant help and guidance within this extremely spectacular environment.

At +/- 5 a.m., watching the sunrise above the largest acid lake in the world will complete this extraordinary adventure. We will take the time to appreciate the surreal scene surrounding us, enjoying the sunrise above the stunning turquoise lake while watching the brave workers carry huge sulfur blocks on their shoulders up to the crater rim!

Around 6-7 a.m., we will descend from this incredible location and head back to the base camp (elevation: 1,900 m). In the light of the day, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful trail that led to the caldera of the stratovolcano. Filled with its energy and the morning’s unique impressions, we will gently make our way down the slopes of the volcano and enjoy a breakfast specially prepared by a local Javanese family. Following a ferry ride from Java to Bali, we will follow the North road at Bali (Pemuteran and Munduk), then Ubud and our final destination in the South of Bali (arrival at +/- 6 p.m.)

Upon returning, we can guarantee that you will feel physically tired, but that this feeling will quickly pass and give way to the joy of the new memories you will get to cherish for the rest of your life.

Tour rates: DV 3 days on Java

To take part in this adventure, all you need to do is check the dates and the rates, and register for the tour as quickly as possible before spots run out.

As the number of seats is limited, it is recommended that you reserve your spot as early as possible.

1 participant US$ 320; €290; RP 4 490 000


The tour package includes

Transportation comfortable car or minibus

Insurance for tourist activity


Entrances fees Bromo & Kawah Ijen

Jeep and driver at Bromo

Free provision of necessary equipment (lamps, masks, respirators, gloves, and warm clothes)

Professional guide service

Accommodation at Bromo (GOOD KARMA Bromo) and Kawah Ijen. 
Based on 2 people maximum sharing (local standard (for solo travelers, 1 pax per room), hot water only at Bromo (towels, and soap are not provided).

Meals and drinks: оrganic, local.
Pre-ordered according to our experience and cant be changed. A vegetarian option is available, please advise at the time of booking if required.
First day – dinner.
The Second day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner (picnic).
Third day – “All you can eat”-style breakfast prepared by a traditional Javanese family.

The tour package excludes

Your own insurance

Food and drinks outside of meals

Personal expenses

Tips for guides and drivers.


Private trips, special requests & other questions

Whether you are planning a non-standard trip (in terms of the date, place of pick up or drop off, specific needs or preferences, etc.), you prefer to travel independently and not within a group, or your budget doesn’t allow you to take part in our extraordinary tour, contact us so that we may find an alternative option for you.

Private trip


  • pick up at your hotel at Surabaya and drop off at your hotel at Bali *
  • private comfortable car & private driver
  • ability to bring your luggage during the trip
  • private professional guides at volcanoes

*Drop off possible at Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Munduk and Pemuteran. For other places, on request.

Package for:

1 or 2 persons: 10 990 000rp or  720€  or 790$ 3 persons: 15 990 000 rp or 990€ or 1140$
4 persons: 19 990 000 rp or 1290€ or 1430$ for more than 4 persons, please send a request

Option transfer from Yogyakarta to Bromo by car available: additional cost: + 110$ or +100€ or +1 590 000rp (1 to 5 participants) 

Special Request

Important information

Altitude temperatures at the top of the volcanoes (2,300 m) can range from +2 to +25 degrees. We therefore highly recommend that you come adequately equipped.

  • You will need a pair of sports or hiking shoes and warm clothes (jacket, rainwear, sweatshirt, fleece, beanie, etc.) You will also need to bring some toiletries with you (tissues and toilet paper).
  • There will be a variety of local winter hats on sale at the Bromo base camp, available at very low prices.
  • Additional items will be provided for free upon request: jackets, lamps, protective masks, scarves, gloves, hats and rainwear.
  • Even though you are covered by our tourism insurance, we strongly advise that you be individually insured under personal travel insurance.
  • No additional costs; you only need to cover your own personal expenses, food, and drinks outside of meals, and tips for drivers and guides.
  • Our company is guided by safety and prevention objectives, and we reserve the right to act at our discretion and in an appropriate manner in the event of unforeseen situations that may arise during the trip. The amounts already paid for the trip cannot be returned.
  • In the event of an eruption or risk of eruption, or of any natural reason "outside our control", the decisions taken by the members or the management of the company will not be able in any case to generate a refund of the sums committed, the company cannot be responsible for these events.
  • All routing information is given as an indication and can be modified without notice depending on the circumstances, weather conditions, local availability and any needs for change.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.

By signing up for this tour, you are accepting (or even seeking) to be taken out of your “comfort zone”, an inevitable part of any trip to Java.

For children under the age of 14, our guides will decide, depending on volcanic and weather conditions, whether they are allowed to descend into the crater. (However, the access to the top of the volcano is unregulated.)

Meeting point and departure

Meeting at Surabaya (Train station or airport) at 6 pm, or at Probolinggo at 9 pm.


I went for a 3 day trip (Bromo and Kawah Ijen) with this team a year ago. That was something incredible! Words are not enough to describe the volcanoes! We were hiking in the nights to get to the best viewpoints, to see the blue fires inside the crater, to be the first at every spot and enjoy the magic landscapes! The team did their best to make this trip smooth and exciting from the very moment I applied till the very end. The guides were very passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgable. I felt myself super safe and always had a professional support. We've got some warm clothes, sleeping bag, all necessary equipment for Kawa Ijen. Everything and everyone was important for the team. And we had an amazing local food at authentic places! Thank you, guys! You are doing a great job!

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I basically decided to go to Indonesia so that I could see Ijen and I think booking with Indotravelteam was the right call. Excellent communication from start to finish and guides were very knowledgeable and personable. They’ll be there to help you every step and also there to take a few billion photos for you if you’d like. The hike up was much more challenging than I expected, as tripadvisor set my expectations inappropriately—anyone who says that hike was easy is either a marathoner who lives in Colorado or lying. The grade, altitude and sulfur will kick your ass. It will also be worth it. I thought the large number of tourists would ruin the experience but it was actually cool looking down the volcano and seeing the long line of lights. The blue flames were on the smaller side but we otherwise had good conditions for the hike, relatively few gas clouds blowing our way. I bought some of the sulfur souvenirs and happily they did not get taken by airport security! One of the guides suggested putting the sulfur inside of an aluminum file. I picked up a small metal box at the tourist market and put the sulfur inside the box inside of my checked bag. My headlamp was taken (probably stupid china and their aversion to batteries) but the sulfur made it through

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In a nutshell : wonderful and uplifting ! This was a mix of discoveries, between authentic people, wonderful landscapes, local food and culture. The trip was very well organised, and the local guides were full of informations and attention. If you can do it, do it ! It’s all beautiful memories and you won’t regret it. Thank you very much Indotravel for this trip!

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Everything was great. we have unforgettable adventure. We've seen a lot of beautiful places. Our accompanying Irka is cool and friendly.The driver is a real racer.All guides are very attentive.We are very glad that such wonderful people accompanied us on this journey. The tour organization is excellent - everything is on schedule. Thanks to all your team for the trip and unforgettable impressions!

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I want to express my satisfaction about the management of the 3 days visits to the Java' volcanoes. Everything is extremely well organised, with the adequate logistics, an excellent supporting team and a good driver for the long return trip between Bali and Java. The 2 visits of Bromo and Kawah Ijen present different intérest that worth without any doubt to go there, even if they require sustainable efforts during the climbing. But you can ascend at your own rythm and succeed, and enjoy. Thank you then to this excellent discovering trip that is made possible thanks the whole Indotravel Team

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