3 days to Java: Bromo + Kawah Ijen

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“3 days to Java” is a great adventure tour to discover Bromo & Semeru volcanoes and Kawah Ijen complex.

The journey starts at the sea level and gradually brings you to the altitude of 2300 meters. During this trip you will climb stunning active volcanoes, dance at the edge of the craters and descend inside to evidence magic blue fires, the largest acid lake top in the world and witness the daily life of sulfur mine workers.

You will visit 2 of TOF 10 volcano in the world.

You will see much more besides visiting volcanoes.

Over 3 days and 2 nights you will have a chance to see typical Javanese villages, coffee plantations, try traditional local food and witness the incredible beauty of your surroundings.  

Things you might miss when traveling on your own.

Travelling to unknown and rather dangerous places with someone, who has done it countless times, is much easier and safer than taking risks on your own. It may also significantly save your time and money if you go on a trip with someone, who knows local language, culture and has some friends around the area you are interested in.  

We do our best to be that magic friend who will turn your trip into the real adventure of a lifetime. Apart from our passion to volcanoes, we arrange the trips that are professionally managed, comfortable and safe. Our outstanding guide will accompany you along the whole hike, taking care about all organizational issues and sharing diverse knowledge and experience about everything you might see on the way. 


WHY VISIT Bromo and Ijen?

To meet an epic sunrise inside gigantic caldera of Super Volcano

 To hear the roar of the Earth while balancing on the edge of an active volcano crater

To enjoy another planet landscape you’ve never seen before

Day 1 – Transfer to Java

We start our trip early morning in a comfortable car or mini bus from Bali (also available pick-up from Probolinggo Railway station (Java) on day 1 around 4-5 pm). After a few hours drive, we will take a ferry to Java and continue our way over Javanese landscapes.  

In the evening, we arrive to Bromo village(2300 m altitude), have a nutritious dinner, free time to explore surroundings and take a rest before the night climb.  

Day 2 – Meeting Bromo

Our journey begins around 3 am. With an off-road jeep 4x4, we will climb to the top of Tenger Caldera to reach the “King-Kong” view point

At the view-point platform we will meet a stunning sunrise over the range of incredible volcanoes:

Bromo (active 2300m);

Batok (2400m);

Semeru (active 3677m).

After enjoying the view, we will drive through the Sea of Sands (actually the volcano ash after eruptions) to the sacred Hindu temple at the foot of spectacular Bromo and Batok volcanoes.

Behind the temple there is a steep path up to Bromo. After climbing 250 steps, you will freeze at the edge of the crater being amazed by a powerful sound and evidencing sulfur smoke erupting from the depth of the Earth. This is something you will remember all your life! 

After exploring Bromo area, we will move towards the next adventure. There are unusual beautiful views, typical villages,  coffee plantations, authentic Javanese lifestyle and diverse local food waiting for us on the way to the hotel. 

Part 3/Day 3 – Conquering Kawah Ijen

Wake up call at 10 pm (still Day 2) and we will drive during 2 hours to reach Kawah Ijen basecamp. Everyone gets instructions, torches and gas masks.

We will start to climb around 1am, on a beautiful mountain path. Experienced and professional guides will lead us along the beautiful mountain path under the starry sky. 

The hike might take from 1.30 to 2 hours to to reach the top of the crater.    

Once getting to the top point, the most exciting part will begin. In a complete darkness we will descent into the crater of an active volcano to evidence the unique phenomenon of the "blue fires”. 

Guides, who are mostly the former workers of the sulfur volcano mine, will help everyone to get down safely and control the situation, so you are using the protection masks appropriately. 

The sun goes up around 5am and you will witness an incredible beauty of surroundings beside the largest acid lake in the world.

Take your time to relax and adjust yourself to this surreal scene, enjoy the sunrise, stunning turquoise lake and watch the workers carrying huge sulfur blocks on their shoulders up the crater rim. 

Around 6-7 am we will start our way back to the basecamp. First challenging part is up to the crater rim and then there is a nice walk down through the beauty of Kawah Ijen Stratovolcano caldera.   

Full of volcanic energy and unique impressions we will drive back to Bali. Breakfast stop at local family, napping in the car, ferry ride and around 6 pm we will finally get to Bali - place where we started our incredible journey. 

On your return we can guarantee you will be physically tired, but this will quickly pass, leaving you to enjoy the memories for the rest of your life.

Book a seat

To get on board, you just need to check the dates, get your price rate and register for the tour as quickly as you possibly can, since the seats are filling up fast! 

The number of seats is limited so book as soon as possible to be sure to get on board.

Prices for 3-days trip to Java:

1 person:  $290; €260; RP 3 990 000.

2 person+: $260; €230; RP 3 500 000. 

Private & special requests

In case you are planning a non-standard group trip, or you prefer to travel independently, or scheduled dates don’t work for you, or you are on a tight budget and want to find the best solution for yourself – we are here to help!

Send us Private or Special request and we will do our best to make it happen for you!

Special Request

The tour package includes:

  • Transportation (comfortable car or minibus);
  • Ferry (return ticket);
  • Entrances fees (Bromo, Kawah Ijen);
  • Jeep at Bromo;
  • Professional guide service;
  • We provide you (for free): lights, mask & respirator, gloves, and warm clothes;
  • Accommodation along the trip: local basic rooms (homestay), clean (towels and soaps are not provided). 
  • Food and drinks (organic, local Javanese):

1st day – full course lunch and dinner.

2nd day – breakfast, lunch, local food takeaway for dinner.

3rd day – Javanese breakfast.

The tour package price excludes:

  • Your own insurance;
  • Extra food and drinks;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Tips to guides and drivers

Alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip!

Important information

The temperature at the volcanoes varies from +2 to +25 degrees, that’s why we highly recommend you to think about your own comfort in advance. 

  • You will need a pair of sports shoes, worm clothes (jacket, sweatshirt, hoody etc). You will also need some toiletries with you (tissues and toilet paper).
  • There will be a variety of pretty nice local winter hats at Bromo basecamp, so you can buy one there if you want. 
  • Additional items needed to climb Kawah Ijen will be provided for free: masks, gloves, torches. Some jackets, raincoats, and warm clothes will be also provided upon request.
  • Your insurance for this tour is your own responsibility.
  • No additional costs, except for your own personal needs and tips for drivers and guides.

Any alcohol beverages are strictly prohibited during the whole trip!

Joining this tour, you are accepting to be taken out of your “comfort zone” what is the inevitable part of any trip to Java.

Meeting point: Gusto Gelato Café

Jalan Mertanadi 


South Bali 

*In case you would like to join the tour from East Java, we can pick you up and then drop-off in the following  cities: Banjuwangi, Probolingo, Bromo, Bondowoso. Please leave your comments while filling the registration form.  

*For children under 14 the guide will decide are they allowed to go inside the crater due to a volcanic condition.