3 days in Java: Bali-Bromo-Ijen-Bali

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“3 days in Java” is a great adventure tour that will take you to the amazing Bromo and Semeru volcanoes, as well as the fantastic Kawah Ijen complex.

The journey starts at sea level and gradually brings you up to an altitude of 2,300 meters. During this trip, you will climb stunning active volcanoes, dance at the edge of the calderas and descend into the Kawah Ijen crater to witness its magical “blue flames”, a unique phenomenon, as well as the largest sulfur acid lake in the world. You will also be able to observe the daily lives of the sulfur mine workers within the crater.

You will get to visit two of the top ten most fascinating volcanoes in the world during this tour.

You will see much more than volcanoes

Over three days and two nights, you will get acquainted with the local culture and have the chance to visit typical Javanese villages, see coffee plantations, try traditional local food and witness the incredible beauty of your surroundings.


To witness an epic sunrise from the grandiose caldera of the Tenger-Bromo super volcano

 To hear the roar of the Earth while balancing on the edge of an active volcano crater

To discover unforgettable otherworldly landscapes

Things you might miss out on if you travel to Java on your own

Let’s share some thoughts regarding the independent visit of Bromo and Kawah Ijen.

We are a team of adventurers, and it goes without saying that we love to travel on our own. However, when discovering an unknown and potentially accident-prone site for the first time, caution is required in preparing such an endeavor. In this region of Java, you will struggle to understand and be understood, even when it comes to the basics, since English speakers are rare and far between (and French, Russian and other languages are not at all represented).

Though certain independent travelers and bloggers have managed to organize trips without encountering major problems, it must be understood that this is not a reflection of the potential risks linked to active volcano visits, which require both knowledge and experience to plan. Having been able to make the trip on one’s own without running into problems does not take anything away from the hazardousness of undertaking such an endeavor alone and/or without any experience. “Driving a motorcycle without a helmet does not systematically lead to the death of the reckless person driving, but should that person wipe out, the potential risk would be dramatic!” recounts the wise Indonesian man in charge of preparing the climbing equipment.

To minimize the risks linked to volcanic excursions and substantially save both time and money, it is essential that you be supported by a team that perfectly knows the region, its customs and languages, as well as its norms and culture.

Let us be the guide that will take care of every single important organizational detail of your visit, and that will allow you to make this tour into a truly unforgettable human adventure.

  • We are familiar with every inch of the Bromo and Kawah Ijen, their surroundings, their dangers… but also every man that works and lives there. Our professional guides will take you to the best places at the best times, to witness the best views, while choosing the safest routes and sharing their deep knowledge of the volcanoes, their history and their geology.
  • We organize tours in a way that guarantees your comfort and safety. Each member of our team is perfectly trained to react professionally and provide you with appropriate help during whatever situation is encountered during the excursion.
  • We will take care of every detail of your adventure so that you are able to focus on yourself and the feelings generated by the experience.

Beyond our passion for volcanoes, we organize our trips in a professional and secure manner, while seeking to provide you with the utmost comfort. Our outstanding guides will accompany you along the entire hike, taking care of all of the organizational issues and sharing their know-how, knowledge and experience with you along the way.

We do our best to be that magic friend who will turn your trip into the real adventure of a lifetime. Apart from our passion to volcanoes, we arrange the trips that are professionally managed, comfortable and safe. Our outstanding guide will accompany you along the whole hike, taking care about all organizational issues and sharing diverse knowledge and experience about everything you might see on the way. 


“3 days to Java”

In the calendar, the blue color trips "3 days to Java".

Route: Bali- Bromo- Kawah Ijen- Bali

Day 1: Bali (Seminyak) 5,45am departure to Bromo.

Day 2:  Bromo hike, transfer and night on the way to Kawah Ijen.

Day 3: Kawah Ijen hike then to back Bali (16/17pm)


“Special 3 days Reverse Route to Java”.

In the calendar, the green colored trips "Special 3 days Reverse Route to Java".

Route Reverse: Bali- Kawah Ijen- Bromo- Probolinggo- Bali*

Day 1: Bali (Seminyak) 5 pm departure to Kawah Ijen.

Day 2:  Kawah Ijen hike, transfer and night on the Bromo.

Day 3: Sunrise viewing point and Bromo ascension. Transfer to Probolinggo** (10.30am) than to back Bali (+/-22.00/10pm)

* our usual route for 3 days to Java is: Bali- Bromo- Kawah Ijen - Bali

** trains and buses stations if you wish to continue your journey in Java, especially Yogyakarta.

Day 1 – Transfer to Java

We start our trip at dawn in a comfortable car or minibus in South Bali (pick-up also available from Ubud around 7-7:30 a.m. or from the Probolingo railway station in Java around 4-5 p.m.) After a few hours driving through Balinese landscapes, we will take a ferry to Java and continue our trip there, taking in typical Javanese landscapes.

We will arrive to the last village of the Bromo site in the late afternoon (altitude of 2,300 m), have a local dinner, and enjoy some free time to rest (or explore the surroundings) before the night climb.

Day 2 – Meeting the Bromo

Our journey begins with a 3 a.m. wake-up call and departure aboard an off-road 4x4 jeep. We will climb to the top of the Tenger-Bromo caldera to reach the “King-Kong” viewpoint (altitude of 2,650 m.)

At the viewpoint platform, we will witness a stunning sunrise over the following volcanoes:

Bromo (active, altitude of 2,300 m)

Batok (dormant, altitude of 2,400 m)

Semeru (active and erupting, altitude of 3,677 m, the tallest volcano in Java)

After enjoying the beautiful view (and depending on the weather conditions), we will cross the “sea of sand” (mostly made up of the volcanic ashes and debris of prior eruptions) and head to the sacred Hindu temples at the foot of the spectacular Bromo and Batok volcanoes.

Making our way around the temples dedicated to the gods living inside the crater, we will go up a steep and narrow path and climb 250 steps to reach the top of the Bromo. Only then, stunned by the sounds coming from the entrails of the Earth, and in the cold of the night, will we be able to experience the beauty of the smoking crater, its sulfur vapors emanating from the depths of the volcano. A truly unforgettable moment!

After exploring this extraordinary volcanic site, we will continue on our adventure, witnessing magnificent landscapes, traditional villages, various plantations (coffee, tobacco, rice, etc.), and authentic moments of the Javanese lifestyle in this beautiful volcanic region. We will enjoy a meal of local delicacies before making our way to the hotel.

Day 3 – Conquering the Kawah Ijen

Departure at 11 p.m. (day 2) for a 2-hour transfer to the Kawah Ijen base camp. After receiving instructions on safety and following the allocation of the necessary equipment (lamps, gas masks, etc.), we will start the climb at around 1 a.m. Our experienced and professional guides will lead you along a beautiful mountain path under the starry sky in order to reach the top of the crater (altitude of 2,300 m). It will take us between 1:30 and 2 hours to reach the top.

Once at the top of the crater, the most exciting part begins: we will descend, in complete darkness, into the crater of the active volcano to witness the unique phenomenon of the “blue flames”.

Our guides, principally made up of former sulfur miners and porters and therefore very knowledgeable about the crater, will help you descend safely. They will exercise constant vigilance and make sure you are using the protective masks appropriately, providing you with constant help and guidance within this extremely spectacular environment.

At around 5 a.m., watching the sun rise above the largest acid lake in the world will complete this extraordinary adventure. We will take the time to appreciate the surreal scene surrounding us, enjoying the sunrise above the stunning turquoise lake while watching the brave workers carry huge sulfur blocks on their shoulders up to the crater rim!

Around 6-7 a.m., we will descend from this incredible location and head back to the base camp (altitude of 1,900 m). In the light of day, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful trail that led to the caldera of the stratovolcano. Filled with its energy and the morning’s unique impressions, we will gently make our way down the slopes of the volcano and enjoy a breakfast specially prepared by a local Javanese family. Following a ferry ride from Java to Bali, we will return to our starting point in the South of Bali (arrival at around 6 p.m.)

Upon returning, we can guarantee that you will feel physically tired, but that this feeling will quickly pass and give way to the joy of the new memories you will get to cherish for the rest of your life.

Book a spot

To take part in this adventure, all you need to do is check the dates and the rates, and register for the tour as quickly as possible before spots run out.

As the number of seats is limited, it is recommended that you reserve your spot as early as possible.

Tour rates: 3 days in Java (per person)
1 participant: US$ 290; €260; RP 4 350 000
2 or more participants : US$ 260; €230; RP 3 850 000

Private trips, special requests & other questions

Whether you are planning a non-standard trip (in terms of the date, place of pick up or drop off, specific needs or preferences, etc.), you prefer to travel independently and not within a group, or your budget doesn’t allow you to take part in our extraordinary tour, contact us so that we may find an alternative option for you.

Send us an inquiry and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Special Request

The tour package includes:

  • Transportation (comfortable car or minibus);
  • Legal insurance for tourist activity;
  • Ferry (return ticket);
  • Entrances fees (Bromo, Kawah Ijen);
  • Jeep and driver at Bromo;
  • Professional guide service;
  • Provision of lamps, masks, respirators, gloves, and warm clothes;
  • Accommodation at Bromo and Kawah Ijen. Based on 2 people minimum sharing(local standard, hot water at Bromo but not at Kawah Ijen, towels, and soap are not provided);
  • Meals and drinks (organic, local Javanese cuisine).

First day – lunch and dinner.

Second day – breakfast, lunch and dinner (picnic format).

Third day – “All you can eat”-style breakfast prepared by a traditional Javanese family.

The tour package excludes:

  • Your own insurance;
  • Food and drinks outside of meals;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Tips for guides and drivers.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.

Important information

Altitude temperatures at the top of the volcanoes (2,300 m) can range from +2 to +25 degrees. We therefore highly recommend that you come adequately equipped.

  • You will need a pair of sports or hiking shoes and warm clothes (jacket, rainwear, sweatshirt, fleece, beanie, etc.) You will also need to bring some toiletries with you (tissues and toilet paper).
  • There will be a variety of local winter hats on sale at the Bromo base camp, available at very low prices.
  • Additional items will be provided for free upon request: jackets, lamps, protective masks, scarves, gloves, hats and rainwear.
  • Even though you are covered by our tourism insurance, we strongly advise that you be individually insured under a personal travel insurance.
  • No additional costs; you only need to cover your own personal expenses, food and drinks outside of meals, and tips for drivers and guides.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.

By signing up for this tour, you are accepting (or even seeking) to be taken out of your “comfort zone”, an inevitable part of any trip to Java.

Meeting and departure point

At 5:45 a.m. (day 1):

Gusto Gelato Café

Jalan Mertanadi 


South Bali 

To reach the meeting point, we can find for you a transport from your place:

(additional cost per person)

Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu: 100 000rp ($10usd)

Ubud, Sanur, Jimbaran: 150 000rp ($15usd)

Nusa Dua: 200 000rp ($20usd)

Same price for drop off.

Please notice in comments on your booking form for this service.

Please indicate your preference when filling out the registration and reservation forms.

*IIf you would like to join the tour from East Java, without any additional cost or change in price, we can pick you up and drop you off in the following cities: Banyuwangi, Probolingo, Bromo village, Bondowoso.

To join us from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang or another city in Java, please send us a message so that we may accommodate you.

*For children under the age of 14, our guides will decide, depending on volcanic and weather conditions, whether they are allowed to descend into the crater. (However, the access to the top of the volcano is unregulated.)

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Elisabeth Finaz
22/05/2018 07:33
Un trip de 3 jours exceptionnel aux monts Bromo et Kawah Ijen avec une équipe hyper professionnelle, discrète et attentive à nos moindres désirs. Les chauffeurs sont incroyables de dextérité avec une attention de tous les instants dans une circulation difficile. Les guides sont remarquables et d’une gentillesse incroyable. Ils nous ont assisté avec une extrême prévenance dans la montée à l’Ijen et la descente dans le cratère. Ce fut une aventure inoubliable que nous recommandons très chaudement à tous 👍!
Rodrigo Morales Painamil
24/02/2018 12:15
Tour de 3 Dias y 2 noches de Ijen y Bromo. Los guías (Hary y Riki) y el conductor (Riyan) muy amables, siempre atentos y buenos compañeros de viaje. 100% recomendado!!!
Andrew Heritage
22/05/2018 04:20
We had a fantastic experience over 3 days starting from Surubaya including early morning visits to Bromo Ijen volcanos. The drivers couldn’t have been more accommodating, nothing was too much trouble for them. The highlight of the trip was was the descent into the crater Of Ijen where the company had provided 2 ex-miners as specialist guides. We were then returned to Ubud in Bali to continue our vacation.
Alexandra Al Tayar
01/06/2018 12:34
Everything was great. we have unforgettable adventure. We've seen a lot of beautiful places. Our accompanying Irka is cool and friendly.The driver is a real racer.All guides are very attentive.We are very glad that such wonderful people accompanied us on this journey. The tour organization is excellent - everything is on schedule. Thanks to all your team for the trip and unforgettable impressions!
Yulia Iva
01/06/2018 12:39
Уже второй раз я выбираю Indotravelteam. Три года назад я получила самые яркие и незабываемые эмоции от трехдневной поездки на вулканы. До сих пор эти воспоминания не дают мне покоя, поэтому снова,оказавшись на Бали, я обратилась к Indotravelteam за новой порцией впечатлений. Мне очень важно, кто меня окружает, и это тот случай, когда хочется возвращаться не только в определенные места, но и к конкретным людям. Забота, уважение, внимание... с ними чувствуешь себя защищенной иособенной. Ребята очень опытные, ответственные, организация на высшем уровне. Про те ощущения, которые готова подарить природа, рассказывать не буду. Для каждого это будет уникальный, свой собственный путь и опыт. Но могу сказать,что это гораздо больше и глубже,чем просто экскурсия, это знакомство с собой через это восхождение и спуск к недрами Земли. Без сомнений, это лучшее, что может произойти с Вами, во время пребывания на Бали!
12/07/2018 10:01
Nous avons fait le trip 3j/2n à Bromo et Ijen. Quelle expérience mémorable. Ces 3 jours resteront à jamais gravés dans nos mémoires grâce à la super organisation d'Indotravelteam. Pierrick qui nous a accompagné a été un véritable mentor, plein de bons conseils. Passionné de volcans et d'Indonésie nous avons appris beaucoup à ses côtés. Une très belle personne et qui sait s'entourer des meilleurs guides, des guides expérimentés, bienveillants et qui se préoccupent de notre sécurité. Nous ne regrettons absolument pas d'avoir choisi Indotravelteam pour le professionnalisme de cette agence. Un vrai moment de partage et de rencontres. Les levers du soleil sur les volcans sont magiques et les paysages magnifiques. Allez y les yeux fermés, tout est finement bien organisé : entrées dans les parcs, nourritures dans les warungs spécialement choisi (très bonne au passage), transport, hôtels, matériel... Une agence au top notamment en terme de qualité de prestation, de sécurité avec des guides connaissant les volcans par coeur, qui vous suivent, vous aident et vous donnent énormément d'informations.
22/07/2018 09:23
Nous avons fais le tour inversé Bali/Kawah Ijen/Bromo avec une amie et nous avons adoré! Une expérience unique pour les deux ascensions avec des guides professionnels, sympathiques et attentionnés. L'organisation est top et nous n'avons pas eu à nous soucier de quoi que ce soit (itinéraire, transport, hôtel, restaurant...) ce qui et très appréciable. De plus, l'équipe Indotravelteam a été très arrangeante et s'est adaptée à nos contraintes. Nous recommandons vivement!! 😊