Non Typical But Still Essential ‘To Do List’ in Bali


September 2019


Some people come to Bali to celebrate their honeymoon, others for self-discovering trips, to survive the winter, to forget about cold weather and snow. Others for yoga tours or just relaxing. But honestly, you do not even need a reason to come to Bali. The Indonesian island always waits for you with open arms. It is a truly magical island, which appeals to billions of people.

We have completed a to do list in Bali and It includes a lot of activities so you can experience some new emotions and definitely leave a pleasant aftertaste about Bali.


One of the main reasons why people come to Bali is this extreme activity — surfing. On island almost every person has a surfboard and a wetsuit. It’s a shame not to try it when you have ideal surfing conditions and amazing ocean.

If you’re a ‘newbie’ we recommend starting with the Kuta coast. Due to the foam which washes up after the wave, it makes it much easier to stand up on the board for the first time. If you are feeling more confident, you should go to Canggu. Both has plenty surfing schools, so you can find something for yourself.

Diving in Amed

Once you’ve explored the surface of the water attractions, you shouldn’t miss a chance to see what does it look like to be below. If you like discovering the underwater world, you should definitely visit Amed — its breathtaking coral reefs and variety of extraordinary creatures deserve your attention.

Diving sites in Amed:

  • Jemeluk and Uyah Reef — coral reefs, inhabited by various animals
  • The Pyramid — special project of growing artificial reef on pyramids dropped around 20 years ago, after the real reef dying due to water temperature changes
  • Bunutan Reef — site situated in the quiet bay with lots of blooming corals, famous of its garden eels. It’s well highlighted by the sun so the view is really breathtaking
  • Lipah Bay or Japanese shipwreck — crash site of the Japanese craft during World War II. Its reasons still remain unknown

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, during the diving you can see larger fish like tuna, mackerel, reef sharks, Napoleonfish, also often turtles.

Manta points at Nusa Penida

Manta — means ‘coat’ or ‘blanket’ in Spanish — is the largest type of ray in the world, the actual “sea monster”. It was believed, that manta wraps people like in a blanket, chokes and drags them to the bottom. These legends horrified even fearless pirates.

Actually, despite its formidable look, it really is the most harmless one of the ray species. It’s like playing with the tiger, who has been domesticated a long time ago and acts like a kitten: not dangerous at all, but still so extreme.

Visiting Monkeys in Ubud

Monkey forest in Ubud is the place, where they feel themselves full-fledged owners, so you actually came to visit to their home. It is a funny and cute sight, they really enjoy posing when you take pictures. You can feed monkeys with bananas or nuts, but also be careful and don’t play with them.

Relaxing after the activities

You’ve probably heard that Bali is all about health. You should definitely try the REAL massage here, because (believe us) you’ve never had one before. It’s truly magical massage ritual, not only for boosting your physical health, but even psychological. Two massage places we recommend you visiting — Karsa spa and Ubud Bodyworks. Your body will thank you later for sure.

Volcanoes and Waterfalls

Crucial to remember:

  • If it’s the wet season, waterfalls will be more powerful
  • If Comfy footwear that is firmly fixed
  • You should visit volcanoes and waterfalls before the sunrise
  • You shouldn’t climb to a volcano by yourself if you’re not prepared. It can be really dangerous

Bali has 12 waterfalls, Gitgit is the most known of them. Another must visits are: Aling Aling, Kroya, Gitgit, Jembong, Sekumpul, Tegenungan, Nung Nung, Lemukih.

Bali has 2 active volcanoes — Agung and Batur — and dozens of sleeping (Batukaru is the most visited).

After the 2000 eruption, Balinese covered its cretere with a huge sarong to prevent future catastrophes. Since then there were indeed no eruptions.

Agung is the highest peak of the island — 3142 m above sea level. It is considered to be extinct, but 4 km distance around the crater is closed due to safety reasons.

Romantic sunset dinner at the beach

Probably this one doesn’t even need much explanation — dinner in fish restaurant on the coast of Jimbaran. It’s the most romantic dinner spot ever — the freshest seafood. tables on the beach, sunset and cosy music. No bad reviews on this one because it is just perfect. We recommend choosing tables right near the ocean, so the view is better and waves can tenderly touch your feet.

Yogyakarta temples

Yogyakarta is situated on the Java island and famous for its variety of Buddhist temples. The most famous are Borobudur, Prambanan, others are Plaosan Temple, Mendut and Sambisari.

Borobodur and Prambanan are considered to be a UNESCO World and have extremely rich historical value, which we’ve mentioned before in our blog. They’re are full of legends and interesting facts, are a spiritual center of the island. These temples saved their ancient bas-reliefs and still attract thousands of pilgrimages from all over the world.

You can easily combine Yogyakarta trip with visiting Java island active volcanoes. We recommend going to the Ijen and then to the Bromo. It’s comfortable to get to the Yogyakarta from there by train.

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