Travel quiz

Travel quiz: Java, Bali and Lombok

1 February 2021

1. What was the former name of the city Amlapura in East Bali?

a. Karangasem

b. Karongasem

c. Karingasem

2. In 2018, the population of "Greater Jakarta" was estimated at 28 million. How many people live in Jakarta itself?

a. 15 650 000

b. 9,590,000

c. 22 470 000

3. What is a "Bali Aga"? (no, it's not a Balinese fan of Lady Gaga!)

a. A primitive village in Bali

b. A Balinese sports competition (East of the island only).

c. The religious leader of the villages in Bali.

4. (Lombok) The Samalas volcano, ancestor of the current Rinjani volcano (3726m), is responsible for:

a. The separation of the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa.

b. The emergence of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air islands.

c. In 1257, the largest eruption on earth in the last 10,000 years

5. If the island of Java were a country in its own right, what would be its world rank in terms of population (2020)?

a. 6th like Nigeria (206 000 000 inhabitants)

b. 9th as Russia (145,000,000 inhabitants)

c. 11th like Japan (126,000,000 inhabitants)

6. The village "Bali Aga" of Trunyan, on the lake of Batur volcano, has a unique peculiarity in Bali concerning their deceased:

a. The dead are immersed in the lake.

b. The dead are placed in volcanic caves.

c. The dead are dropped on the ground in the street.

7. (Lombok) In which city of Lombok does the public ferry departing from Padang Bai (Bali) arrive?

a. Lembar

b. Mataram

c. Kuta Lombok

8. What is the distance from West to East of the island of Java?

a. about 350 km

b. about 620 km

c. about 1000 km

9. (Java) What is the name of the volcano in this picture?

a. Bromo

b. Tengger

c. Batok

10. (Bali) Initially, the three lakes of Bedugul (Tambligan, Buyan, and Beratan) formed only one lake. What happened?

a. Local farmers gradually encroached on the lake.

b. An earthquake separated the lake into three separate lakes.

c. The realization of the golf of Bedugul required the separation of the lake into 3.

11. What is the most important economic activity (excluding food) in Lombok (2020)?

a. Tobacco cultivation.

b. Collection of pearls.

c. The production of small electronic cards.

12. What is prohibited is punishable by imprisonment in Indonesia?

a. To promote communism.

b. To eat dog meat.

c. To eat pork meat.

13. (Bali) What is the "Puja Mandala" in Nusa Dua?

a. A luxury hotel complex.

b. A complex of religious buildings.

c. A seaweed exploitation area.

14. What is the majority ethnic group in Lombok?

a. The Sirsak

b. The Sasak

c. The Dayak

15. What is the date of the Indonesian National Day?

a. August 17th

b. October 21st

c. Because of the lunar calendar, the date changes every year.

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