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Travel quiz: interesting facts about Bali

17 December 2020

1. Names in Bali
What will the first child of a Balinese couple be named?




2. Volcanoes in Bali
What is the altitude of Bali's main volcano, Gunung Agung?

3031 m

3831 m

2831 m

3. Products from Bali
What is the main product traditionally harvested in the region of Amed, east of Bali?

The avocado

Sea salt


4. The history of Bali
In 1906, the Dutch army decided to counter a Balinese revolt: To quickly reach Denpasar, on which beach did the Dutch land to counter this revolt? /h2>

Canggu Beach

Kuta Beach

Sanur Beach

5. Food in Bali
What is the meat traditionally used for Babi Guling?

Roast chicken

Roast pig

Roast fish

6. Geography of Bali
Which island group is Bali associated with?

The small islands of the East

The large western islands

Lesser Sunda islands

7. Community life in Bali
What is the name of the traditional market in Balinese villages?

The "Pasar"

The "Denpasar"

The "Kampung"

8. Religion in Bali
What is the name of the "Day of Silence" during which everything is completely closed in Bali?




9. Traditional medicine in Bali
Who are the "traditional doctors" of Bali?

The "Dukuns”

The "Balians"

The "Shamans”

10. Traditional sport in Bali
What is the traditional martial art of Bali?



Pencak Silat

11. Traffic in Bali
On which lane of the road should we drive in Bali?

The one on the right

The one on the left


12. Justice and society in Bali
What is the nickname of the central prison in Bali?

Hotel Kerobokan

Hilton Paradise

Hotel Paradise

13. Beliefs in Bali
The Balinese consider that dogs are the reincarnations of the:

Soldiers who died in the war


Unfaithful spouses

14. The islands of Bali
East of Bali, 2 islands are administered by Bali:

Nusa Dua and Nusa Tiga

Gili Meno and Gili Trawongan

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida

15. Ubud and its forest of monkeys
In the Monkey Forest in Ubud, monkeys live in large numbers; they are:




16. Sightseeing in Bali
Why is the Tanah Lot site famous for?

The black sand beaches

The temple on the sea

The waterfalls

17. Linguistics in Bali
In 2000, the "Bahasa Bali" (Balinese language) was spoken by:

Approximately 3,300,000 people

Approximately 1,100,000 people

Approximately 5,200,000 people

18. West Bali
In the western region of Bali (Jembrana and Negara) are occasionally held races very popular with the locals:

Duck races

Dog races

Buffalo races

19. Flora in Bali
What is the sacred tree of the temples in Bali?

The Banyan

The Coconut Tree

The Flamboyant

Which family does he belong to?




20. Seas and oceans in Bali
The South of Bali is bordered by the Indian Ocean: what is the sea that borders the North of Bali?

The North Sea

The Java Sea

The Bali Sea

21. Rites and sacrifices in Bali
Puputan is the ritual collective suicide practiced by the Balinese during conflicts and wars. When did the last one occur?

in 1906 (Badung-Denpasar with about 1000 deaths)

in 1946 (Marga with about 100 deaths)

in 1908 (Klungkung with about 200 deaths)

22. Rice and volcanoes
Jatiluwih is renowned for its superb rice fields (600 hectares) and is recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. What is the name of the volcano located north of these magnificent rice fields?




23. Marine wildlife
Every morning dozens of dolphins can be seen in Lovina, north of Bali. Why do they come every morning to this place?

They are proud to show their prowess

They love shrimp and krill from the place

They are trained by the sinners to do the Show

24. Cremations and ceremonies
Before cremating the deceased, the Balinese turn the funeral towers (housing the bodies) several times at each crossroads: why?

For the souls to see the village one last time

To prevent souls from returning to torment the living

For the souls to identify those who are absent from the ceremony

25. Sport and surfing
What is the most internationally renowned surf spot in Bali?

Medewi Beach

Uluwatu Beach

66 Beach

26. Rites and dances
Bali is rich in a heritage of dances and religious rites. What is the "Kecak dance"?

A dance accompanied by male choirs

A dance accompanied by the gamelans

A dance of a couple of 2 lovers

27. Markets and kitchens
You go to the market and you are offered "Mahi-Mahi": is it?

A hallucinogenic mushroom

Fermented soybeans

A fish

28. Leisure and outdoor games
What are the months of the year that allow the winds to fly kites in competition in Bali?

January February March

November December January

July August September

29. Wildlife and Bali
Many dogs live in Bali (with owners or in a semi-wild state). On the other hand, only one breed of dog is typically Balinese:

The "Kintamani"

The "Bekasi"

The "Ogo-Ogo"

30. Beliefs and religions
What should you avoid doing with Hindu Balinese if you are not Hindu yourself?

Looking at the sky on full moon days

Touching the tops of children's heads

Eating with your hands

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Usually spend May-October in Bali ( beautiful Sanur) Missing it sooo much 😢

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