5 December 

Daily volcano update

Summary: more waiting.

  • Very little visible activity in the past 24 hours, although light could be seen from the crater in the early hours, and there is a grey/white column of ash/gas.
  • The seismograph has been offline since about 04:45 this morning, but it shows continuing activity inside the mountain consistent with the previous day.
  • There is no aviation advisory for volcanic ash out of Darwin VAAC, which means they don't see any. Good news for the airport.
  • I'm playing around with the numbers presentation today, trying to find a better way to illustrate current events. According to PVMBG descriptions:
  1. Blowing: Related to gas being expelled.
  2. Continuous Tremor: High intensity activity near the surface.
  3. Low Frequency: Movement of magmatic fluid to the surface.
  4. Shallow Volcanic: Shallow magma movement.
  5. Deep Volcanic: Deep magma movement.
  • By the numbers, we are seeing a lot of low frequency activity, meaning magma is still moving up in the mountain.

Text by Jjackie Pomeroy

An interesting article was published yesterday on Volcano Cafe. The discussion in the comments is worth reading for some alternative perspectives.

* Activity Report Volcano Agung  * December 05, 2017 *(00.00 to 6 am)  *

Visual Observations

  •  The peak of the mountain looks often covered in fog. High white steam column of weak pressure in the peak crater can be observed either from the northern, northeastern, southern, and southwest slopes 1000 m.
  • Ray of the incandescent lava at night * observed * (CCTV Rendang).
  • Effusive effusions still occur slowly.



  • Earthquake Explosive Eruption nil.
  • Tremor Non Harmonics continuously associated with a gray-white thin steam for 6 hours (amplitude 1-2 mm, dominant 1 mm).
  • Tremor harmonic 1 time.
  • Earthquake Blowing nil.
  • Quake Low Frequency 18 times.
  • Volcanicshallow 2 times.
  • Volcanic In 3 times.
  • Tektonik Locale is nil.


Hazard area no activity:

  • In a radius of 8 km from the summit and,
  • In the southwest, south, southeast, northeast and north sectors as far as 10 km from the summit.


  • Effusive eruption activity (leleran lava in the crater) is slowly still going on.

Pos Observation Gunungapi Agung PVMBG, Rendang.

Not confirmed from drone flight on 4th December up to Agung crater

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