18 January 

Daily volcano update

Gunung Agung erupted again yesterday at 21:26. PVMBG issued a VONA for this modest event – amplitude 24 mm, lasting 204 seconds (about 3 and a half minutes), sending a plume about 1500 meters that was observed moving to the east.

In addition to the eruption, the 42 total seismic events included 20 blowing tremors and 12 deep volcanic earthquakes – the overscale event at 10:34 was a deep volcanic earthquake. Taken together, this appears to continue the pattern described by the experts at Pos Agung on 16 Jan, where the volcano builds up around a million cubic meters of magma inside and then blows it out in the form of ash and/or fine sand. These regular, small eruptions, probably (but not sure) release the buildup of pressure inside the volcano and reduce the likelihood of a large, explosive eruption. Experts are not all agree about it but its good to wish it like that! It is still dangerous near the crater.

229 evacuation posts yesterday reported 46,837 people registered in evacuation camps (-342 from the previous day). Officials estimate around 17,000 people live within 6 km of the crater, indicating nearly 30,000 from the outer areas are remaining in the camps.

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