29 June 

Daily volcano update

  • Gunung Agung continued to emit gasses and ash through the night. Rio Helmi offers us his spectacular photo of the volcano taken last night around 23:30 – with an assist from the full moon, he says. The continuing plume this morning is documented by Missy Browne in Amed. Magma’s TMKS seismograph has been offline for the past hour or so, but PVMBG reports only continuous microtremors in the volcano over the past 12 hours, with an average amplitude around 10 mm. The plume up to midnight was as high as 2500 meters, and pressure seems to have lessened a bit as the plume after midnight was a maximum 2000 meters. The Pasebaya network (a network of local village officials who are connected by mobile radio communications) report listening to the volcano most of yesterday and last night, with the sounds ranging from “concrete mixer” to “jet engine” depending on the location.
  • Residents of villages high on the slopes of the volcano started coming down to safer areas last night. Specific numbers are not available, but they are at least in the hundreds.
  • Windy.com shows winds blowing to the southwest on the surface, directly to the west at 3,000 meters, and to the southwest at 5,500 meters. The ash has been drifting widely to the west-southwest, and the VAAC predictions are shown below together with the BMKG’s most recent satellite image (06:00 this morning). Ngurah Rai airport was declared closed at 03:00 this morning until 19:00 this evening.

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