23 January 

Daily volcano update

Gunung Agung is trying out new behavior patterns, and early this morning we had a series of four eruptions from 02:31 to 03:00.

These are clearly visible in a band in the seismogram. According to PVMBG, the maximum amplitude was 24 mm, but they got progressively longer: the first one lasted 65 seconds, the next one 92 seconds, the third one was a whopping 404 seconds (almost 7 minutes) accompanied by a glow from the crater they could actually see through the clouds, and I’ll bet they were all holding their breath when the fourth one started at 02:57. Fortunately, the series ended with a 121-second eruption.

In addition to the eruptions, there’s a lot of gas blowing going on. Yesterday they counted 20 blowing tremors, and there were another 10 in the first quarter today after midnight. The storms last night were severe everywhere around the island, and PVMBG warned in their midnight report that heavy rain, thunder and lightning were showing up on the seismographs as substantial noise.

The drone went up yesterday for a successful gas-collection run over the crater, but PVMBG hasn’t publicly reported on the test results. A link to a video clip from that is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IanBHXT8D-I&feature=share

At 11:55 pm from PVMBG party sent a drone (Ai450) but PVMBG lost contact with it during the flight. Bad news because only this drone was able to collect some gas from the crater. (photo of the flight of the drone)


23-01-2018 00: 00-06: 00 WITA


Agung (3142 mdpl),


Cloudy weather and rain. The wind is blowing weakly towards the east and southeast. Air temperature 23-23 ° C and air humidity 93-94%. Rainfall volume is 3.1 mm per day.


Mount of fog 0-II to fog 0-III. Crater smoke is not observed.

Recorded 4 times earthquake Eruption accompanied by fire at 2:45 pm from Bukit Asah cctv, height and smoke column not observed .


* Eruption *

(Amount: 4, Amplitude: 24 mm, Duration: 65-404 sec)

* Blowing *

(Amount: 10, Amplitude: 10-18 mm, Duration: 50-70 sec)

* In Volcanic * (Amount: 3, Amplitude: 8-10 mm, S-P: 1-2 seconds, Duration: 15-20 seconds)

* Continuous Tremor (Microtremor) * recorded with amplitude 2-7 mm (dominant 2 mm)


Recorded 4 earthquake Eruption in high seismic Equipment and ash column not observed.


Activity Level G. Supreme Level IV (Awas).

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