4 December 

Daily volcano update

This morning, only few photos from Pasar Agung. (only to show SO2 and ashes effects around Agung). Most of animals, already died and the sulfur smell is intense and strong. Sismic activities is hight and magma continue to fill up the crater.

Update by Lorenz Bali

The volcano is quiet outside on this beautiful, clear morning, but that does not mean it's quiet inside. As can be seen in the seismo below, things continue to move inside the volcano. Since midnight Sunday (the last 30 hours):

  • Continuous tremor: 5 (one every 6 hours, but no overscale since Saturday), indicating high intensity activity on the surface.
  • Breaths: 5. Connected to crater gas.
  • Low frequency tremors: 22 (including 15 in the last 12 hours), which indicates the movement of the magmatic fluid on the surface.
  • Superficial and deep earthquakes: 26.
  • The airport remains open, Darwin's VAAC has not released an ash drift map because there is no ash expected.
  • The report is a rough estimate. The results / sources issued by the PVMBG institution.

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