Solidarity and mutual aid in Bali and Java

12 June 2020

For more than 10 years, all international studies dealing with mutual aid and solidarity, have honored the people of Indonesia, yet among the least wealthy in the World. Indeed, individual donations from Indonesians, during various disasters and devastating phenomena (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc.) that shake the largest archipelago in the World, are the most substantial and numerous inhabitant.

Main disasters that happened in Indonesia last years

Jakarta floods: 2007 (80 victims) 2013 (47 victims)

Earthquakes and tsunamis: Sumatra 2004 (more than 170,000 victims)

Earthquakes and tsunamis: Sumatra 2004 (more than 170,000 victims)

Earthquakes: 2018, 16 major earthquakes:

Several aftershocks from July 29 to August 19: Lombok 2018 (more than 500 victims)

Palu September: (more than 2,000 victims)

Volcanic eruption: Java Merapi 2010 (more than 350 victims)

Bali Agung 1969 (more than 3,000 victims)

How do Indonesians deal with it?

Family and social structures are very developed towards mutual aid and sharing, especially in rural areas.

Indonesia: 78% - the percentage of residents who donated money to a charity in 2017

While GDP per person in Indonesia is around USD 12,000 per year, which puts Indonesia at the rank of 100th in the world.

In 2020, during the consequences of the pandemic COVID 19, which is paralyzing the country, once again, the outbursts of solidarity are numerous. Each village tries to support the most underprivileged financially or by delivering necessities.

This is true in Bali, of course, and Java and the official or private initiatives are numerous and beneficial.

On photos members of Indotravelteam supporting local people:

Rian: Drivers manager (Indonesia)

Eppy: Guide and follower (Indonesia)

Ali: Logistic Manager (Java)

Hary: Guide manager Kawah Ijen (Java)

However, many families remain impoverished and entirely destitute and in a catastrophic situation since the national economy, particularly tourism, has come to a complete halt. The most deprived, outcasts, even in regular times, inter-island migrants, the homeless, are forgotten in social programs and remain in the most profound outcome.

The spontaneous initiative of team members of the Indotravelteam, which specializes in visits to the volcanoes of Bali and Java, is decisive for many families, both in Bali and in East Java. By the help and funds of the management, we distribute, several times a week, “Paket sembako” (essential packages) which include basic food (rice, pasta, noodles, sugar, oil, etc.) and essential hygiene products (body soaps, disinfectants, etc.) in these times of epidemic.

Each week, more than 100 packages are distributed, representing 2-3 days of subsistence for two people. The cost per pack is around USD 3.

On photos members of Indotravelteam supporting local people:

Upik: Logistic assistant (Bali)

Irka: General logistic manager (Indonesia)

Rian: Drivers manager (Indonesia)


Each team member does not just wait for the applicants but searches for the elderly, large families, and the neediest in the most challenging neighborhoods.

Even limited, these actions, prodigiously beneficial for those who receive the gifts and those who distribute them, represent the solidarity of people towards each other. We are very proud of it, and we are glad to share our initiatives with you.

We're also happy that within the Indotravelteam, everyone develops this spirit of mutual aid and solidarity.

If you want to participate, up to your possibilities, you can contact our team directly at We commit to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION! If you give $1, Indotravelteam will distribute $2 off "Paket sembako."

Thank you all, and for more information about coronavirus in Asia, read here.


Pierrick Bigot

Founder of Indotravelteam

Karina Meachin

It is wonderful to hear about your mutual aid and solidarity aid work. We were so touched by the kindness of the Indonesian people we met and our guides and drivers when we travelled within the Indotravel team in Java and Ali. Stop we are so sorry that they struggle so much during these difficult times. Your kindness is wonderful

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