Coronavirus in Indonesia. What you need to know and to do to protect yourself?

03 February 2020

On Monday, March 2nd, the country’s president announced two Indonesian citizens have tested positive for the new Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization offers simple and easy implements reflexes to limit and avoid the risks linked to this virus.

How to reduce and limit the risks associated with Coronavirus?

  • Wash your hands carefully with soap, and water, or a hydroalcoholic solution
  • Cover your mouth, and your nose, as well as possible with a handkerchief, or better, with a mask, in all public places and transports.
  • If you cough or sneeze, do it into the crease of your elbow, to avoid spreading it around.

    • Limit or avoid all close contacts with all people with flu symptoms
    • Cook eggs and meat as well as possible.
    • Avoid all contact with wild animals and farm animals and all animals showing signs of fever or influenza-like illness.

    For more information, you can contact this number in Indonesia: 081212123119 or 021 5210411


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