8 December 

Daily volcano update

YThe first attachment below is the seismograph of the last 24 hours.

No large-scale micro tremors, but the PVMBG reported micro tremor in every period except a big one in the last two days.

Yesterday, movements from 13:45 to 16:15 took place without these being identified.

A reminder seismography is a highly specialized area within volcanology and people are trained for several years to interpret these results.

Recent figures in the second attachment show a lot of low frequency tremors, as well as a lot of breath activity from the crater.

Low frequency tremors are typically magma moving upward in the volcano system, and the breath indicates magma near the crater releases gases.

Just after the 6 o'clock report was released this morning, PVMBG identified three small eruptions in the form of ash that had been expelled from the crater.

Attached photos taken this morning around 8am, the gray smoke is back and intensifies, which means that a new eruption is in progress, waiting for more information on the origin of this eruption and of its evolution.

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