3 December 

Daily volcano update

The mountain appears calm, but it keeps secrets inside that are revealed by PVMBG's monitoring. From midnight 02 Dec to 6 am this morning, they report as follows.

  • Deep & Shallow quakes: 33. This indicates that there is still magma movement at depth.
  • Continuous tremors: 5 (one each 6-hour period). This indicates a high intensity of activity near the surface. There was a large overscale tremor yesterday after noon.
  • Low Frequency quakes: 5. These are related to the movement of Magmatic fluid to the surface.
  • Blowing quakes: 3. These are related to the release of gas.
  • The seismograph for the past 24 hours is below.
  • Magma glowing from the crater could be seen again last night.
  • There is very little wind since last night, reflected in the ash predictions from Darwin VAAC (attached). Good news for those flying somewhere.
  • The smoke this morning appears to be white, which indicates gas rather than magmatic ash. Yesterday there were a number of reports of dead animals in the area 0-5 km from the crater, presumably from sulfur dioxide gas poisoning. It's a dangerous place.
  • It is time to consider another contribution to support the evacuees. Last night there were 59,061 people sleeping in 213 BPBD centers, and countless more in informal camps. The photo below was taken yesterday in Amed (an unofficial camp), and all these people are sleeping in the community pre-school on the 2 mats shown. What will you do to help?

From Jackie Pomeroy

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