1 January 

Daily volcano update

Seismic activity yesterday, the last day of 2017, was dominated by blowing tremors (14) and deep volcanic quakes (12) over a base of continuous microtremors, with a few light shallow volcanic quakes (3) thrown in for seasoning. PVMBG reported that Agung said farewell to the old year before midnight and welcomed the New Year after midnight with visible incandescence from the crater – the first time that’s been reported since 24 December.

A close look at the seismograph reveals the recalibrations at 10:30 and 05:00 yesterday and today – throw those out. The overscale event that shows up at 11:33 was a far tectonic quake that registered and amplitude of 25 mm – mid-ocean about 100 km south of Denpasar. The other overscale event on the seismograph at 03:44 this morning was likely a large blowing tremor (25 mm) caused by a release of gasses. No plumes were visible yesterday until 18:00, and from then until this morning at 06:00 they were reportedly medium pressure, 500-1000 meters high. It’s a reminder that the volcano is starting the new year active.

240 evacuation posts reported 70,967 people registered in evacuation camps in all districts of Bali.

The Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) has no published notice for Agung, which means they have no satellite or pilot reports of ash (reflected in the FlightRadar24 picture without Agung). Surface winds are generally to the southeast this morning. Airport operations are currently normal.

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