29 December 

Daily volcano update

Alert level: 4 IV the highest – caution

Recent activity on the mountain: small plume eruption this morning Strong tremors on 28th Dec evening and 29th Dec morning.

Airport/airspace: ORANGE - second highest to be aware of ash around in the sky. I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar and Lombok International Airport operate normally and safely.

State of Emergency - the president revoked it the other day.

Emergency response status: still in place until 7 January 2018, to be reviewed and extended if still need.

Guarantee from the governor of Bali to foreigners and tourists: you will be safe (SIC??) Number of people in evacuation camps: 70,000

Stupid rumours: that the alert level outside the Agung evacuation zone is 2 - not true - Agung is level 4, the danger zone is 8-10km radius around the mountain, areas outside the evacuation area will have less main impact from any eruption but may experience other secondary impacts such as ash fall.

No one should be hiking up Agung at the moment. The volcano monitors use drones and satellite imagery to check on the volcano. They don’t need any Pierre, Jurgen or Vladimir to go up to video and then post it.

About the 3 people whos climbed yesterday : 1 from Russian, 1 from Ukraine and 1 from Latvia. (the last 2 was missing all the day but they arrived late during the night on 28th December.

“The crater of Mount Agung, about 900 meters deep, is almost full of lava filled continuously by the Gunung Agung magma channel.

The phenomenon is visible from the visual recordings of the crater immortalized by a Russian who climbed Mount Agung in the middle of the status of Awas IV, Thursday 28/12. Once again, a reckless climbed Mount Agung in the company of two other unconscious. "We see that the lava is probably already about 50 meters from the top of the crater of Mount Agung," said Evgenii klepikov (36) who climbed Gunung Agung volcano.

According to him, the lava leaves the channel of magma and forms successive layers. From the visual record one can see an explosion of ashes accompanied by a red color resembling a fire from the base of the volcano. In addition, he admitted that the temperature in the summit area is still quite cool. Evgenii also suggested going up and leaving temperature gauges at the top. In addition, he proposed to install a surveillance camera at the top of the mountain to monitor the state of Mount Agung crater”.

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