28 November 

URGENT update

Large continuous tremors are being recorded in Agung. Reporters have been ordered to leave Rendang observation post.

The BNPB is urging everyone on the mountain within the 8-10 km zone to leave immediately.

(text by Jackie Pomeroy)

Last night, thermal anomalies for the first time are detected in the crater of Mount Agung by NASA Modis satellite, the power of about 70 Megawatts (source: mirovaweb.it).

This indicates that a magma of significant volume is already on the surface.

(Info by Bali Mount Agung Evacuees)

Clearly, in this photo, we can see the 2 different clouds of smoke inside the crater: Steam (white on the picture) and ashes (grey on the picture).

All volcanologists wanted to be sure about the 2 different way out inside the crater.. looks clear now. Photo Agung nov 17 Nicolas Gaultier

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