10 December 

Daily volcano update

Agung seems to have established a behavioral change characterized by numerous small gas-blowing earthquakes, low-frequency tremors, a near-continuous microtremor, and fairly regular eruptions, where he sent a column of ash to 1000-2000 meters. This trend continues this morning with more visible ash / gas columns.

  • The seismo and the two accompanying graphs illustrate the general summary above. I added the second graph to show increasing seismic activity over the last week. The totals are a fraction of what we saw last month, but Agung seems to be more dynamic given the number of tremors present.
  • PVMBG reported seeing light from the crater reflected in the gas / ash during the period from 6 pm to 6 am. Visible live from the cam located in Bukit Asah.
  • Yesterday's eruptions brought ash to Desa Ban on the north side of the volcano, with photos of "pebbles" the size of a bee. The large amount of ashes emitted should result in heavy and potentially dangerous Lahar flows all around the volcano in the next period of heavy rains.
  • 70,099 people are registered in 236 evacuation centers.
  • The Darwin VAAC notes ashes moving west this morning, but does not make a prediction for today either. FlightRadar24 shows regular and normal flights for now.

By Laurenz Bali

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