Indonesia on a map and TOP 10 main touristic routes




Indonesia, “land of thousands of islands”, has a population that speaks more than 700 languages. How amazing that out of more than 17 000 islands almost 10 000 are nameless. Indonesia on the world map is the largest and most populous state, the bulk of its population lives on an amount not exceeding $2 per day.

Despite this Indonesians remain one of the most benevolent, smiling, kind and friendly residents who will surely ask you as a tourist to take a picture with them, believing that this will certainly bring them great luck. Tourists in return bring enough luck not only to residents, but also to the whole country, being an important component of the Indonesian economy. This is not surprising considering the variety of touristic routes of Indonesia, its atmosphere and filling: from non-stop parties to Buddhist retreats.

Top 10 most popular routes:

10. Bandung. “Javanese Paris” is how the locals used to call it because this western capital is trying hard to keep up with the times. Main goal of a trip is shopping just like in any another European capital.

9. Banda Aceh. It is an ideal place to drink coffee as it is the core of culture and life of people here. To walk distinctly perfectly clean and beautiful beaches. To visit the Tsunami Museum of 2004. To see the magnificence of the Bayturrahman-Raya mosque that remained unscathed (unlike all buildings in the city) during the above-mentioned tsunami.

8. Bintan. To visit Mangrove forests through the journey on a boat along the Snake River. To see the Great Bright Yellow Mosque that is a home of one-and-a-half-century handwritten Qur'an. To visit the Jumbo Park of elephants. To go to the capital of the island - Tanjung Pinang - place of 24 hours of fun and entertainment.

7. Jakarta. One of the most interesting sights is the ethnographic park "Taman-mini" - Indonesia in miniature with 27 pavilions which represent Indonesian provinces. To go to the main and the oldest Buddhist temple, necessarily from 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning when the sun rays penetrate the inner courtyard. Also here there are ancient sarcophagi where the relics of Buddhist and Taoist saints rest in peace. To see personally the 132-meter National Monument that is a proud symbol of Indonesia's independence.

6. East Java. Indonesia on the map includes the "Pacific Ring of Fire" - the most seismically active place on Earth. Here are the most active volcanoes, among which the famous Bromo and Kava Ijen that major of tourists come to see on the east of Java. The "blue blood" volcano Kava Ijen gives an unforgettable sight of the blue flame as well as the amazing turquoise lake of Kawakh in the crater of the volcano. The mandatory part of the trip to the east is to meet the sunrise on the King Kong view point with a panorama of Bromo, Semer and Batok, which "talk" to travelers, rumbling and releasing incredible clouds of smoke.

5. Batam. Place to admire the immortal symbol of the island - bridges of Barrelang, especially at sunset. Be sure to visit the villages of Teluk Mata Ikan and Bakau Serip where there are many ancient buildings and religious objects that are incredible open-air museums at the same time. Take a walk along picturesque, unspoilt beaches of the island.

4. Flores. Here you can see firsthand the riddle of scientists - three multicolored lakes, which permanently change their color. They are located in the volcano of the crater Kelimutu and change their shades throughout the time, from saturated turquoise to red, green and brown. According to the legend of local residents, these lakes contain the souls of the deceased and change color depending on what souls they have inside.

3. Magelang. Here is a place with temple of thousands of Buddhas – Borobudur, really worth to visit. Ancient builders were erecting the temple for a hundred years. The construction took more than two million bricks and introduced more than 500 Buddha statues (the archeologists still couldn’t find the quarry where stones were extracted and processed). After the strongest volcano in 1006, the temple was hidden under a huge layer of dust for more than 800 years and only at the beginning of the XIX century, thanks to legends, a scientific expedition found the temple and restored it.

2. Lombok. The island of Lombok is called one of the most exotic places on the planet. Due to the variety of natural attractions, white beaches, museums, entertainment centers, this island unites tourists with completely different preferences. The Gili Islands will be of interest to divers in the search for sandfish and bright corals. Additionally, there are such interesting places as the Gili Meno Bird Park, the Sasaki Shade Village and the Gili Meno Island in the form of a real bagel :)

1. Bali. And finally, the most popular place is the island of Bali, about which you can write more than one article and still not list all the places necessary for visiting. The Secumpool Falls, Taman Ujung Palace, which stands on the water, the Peak Teppacs of Tegallalang, various reserves and parks of birds, plantations of delicious coffee and exceptional parties on Kuta Beach. Get an opportunity to watch the dolphins and swim in the holy springs together with a local people. Snow-white beaches and water palaces are all around.

Indonesia on the world map is undoubtedly the number one place if you are about "to get the most incredible and versatile emotions". And thanks to its nature, people and variety of routes, they will never ever end!

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