Bali: how to make Valentine's Day unforgettable

6 February 2019

Bali is an island in Indonesia, which is considered to be the real tropical paradise. Its incredible beauty impresses with its virginity and diversity of wildlife. And, of course, Bali is an island of romance and love, where you can spend the main holiday of lovers – The St. Valentine's Day.

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So, leave behind the cold February weather in your native country and go to the Bali island to spend a real romantic trip with your soulmate.

We have made a selection of the most romantic places on the island for you, for the sake of which you should buy a tour to Indonesia.

Where to go for a romance in Bali: some places to stay for those who love comfort

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Let's start, perhaps, with the choice of a hotel for a romantic pastime in Bali. Fortunately, there are many charming hotels on the island with special offers for lovers.

  • If you are planning a beach holiday and have chosen the famous Batu Belig beach as your final destination in Bali, stay at the Bali Aroma Exclusive Villas. This is a complex of individual villas with a romantic atmosphere inside, which is located on the territory of a luxurious landscape park. Here you can relax in the Jacuzzi that is placed on the terrace, and for your arrival, the staff will decorate the villa with rose petals everywhere for the romantic atmosphere surrounding your couple.
  • If you want to settle in a luxury hotel and go to the spa on Valentine’s Day at the same time - The Sanyas Suite Bali – that’s what you need. The peculiarity of the hotel is not only in the luxurious atmosphere of the rooms and the high level of service but also in the fact that part of its spa zones is located outdoors, on the garden terraces.
  • The Avan Villas is another excellent complex of villas in Bali, where the atmosphere is friendly to lovers. In addition to the standard high level of service, restaurant, and design atmosphere, the guests will surely enjoy the private courtyard in each room. You can spend an unforgettable evening with your beloved ones in a secluded setting.
  • And if you want to feel the aristocracy of the past - you should stay in Bali at The Amana Villas. You will get a private villa with all the amenities and a private butler who will fulfill any assignment and arrange you the best rest and romantic dinner on the terrace by the pool.
  • Another hotel for fans of the old atmosphere - Hotel Tugu in the Canggu beach area on the southwestern part of the island: its creator - one of the largest collectors of antiquities in Indonesia, is actively using antiques his hotel’s decorations.

You are choosing a hotel for St. Valentine’s Day is only one part of the business because you need to think of what to see on this beautiful holiday, and where to spend it.

Beaches for lovers: a relaxed holiday in Bali

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Relax on Bali's beaches is a must: it is an ideal place for relaxation and free rest. Moreover, there are plenty of excellent sites on the coast in any part of the island.

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  • Seminyak Beach on the south-west coast of Bali is a comfortable and luxurious beach area. There is no place for budget tourists because Europeans have long chosen this region for life. And here are amazing sunsets, which you can admire in the evening;

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  • Jimbaran Beach is an ideal place to see the sunset and dine at one of the local seafood restaurants. Cook here only from a fresh catch, and the tables are located right on the sand. If you walk a little further from the beach, a small bay will open with the unspoiled nature of fantastic beauty, on which many passionate tourists and newlyweds love to hold romantic photoshoots;
  • An unusual Balangan beach with its alien landscapes - the beach is covered not only with sand but also with the protrusions of volcanic rock that form the original view. Besides, it is quiet and beautiful;

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  • The Bingin Beach is another unique place for a photo shoot, its right sides are in a non-obsessive infrastructure - sheer wilderness in all its beauty;

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  • And if you like contemplating the most beautiful waves in an unusual setting, spend the Valentine's Day on the Uuluvatu Beach (Suluban Beach) - you can get to it through a large cave of the rock, and during the tide period it is completely flooded with water;
  • Nicco's uncrowded beach is another precious thing for those who want to enjoy the romance in silence and take a couple of shots on a picturesque background. You can also see the volcano in the morning form the waterside of the Nicco Beach;
  • The White Sand Beach – that’s the beach, the name of which speaks for itself - every moment here will resemble a frame from the TV-ads, this coastal zone is so beautiful;
  • At Lovin Beach, you can spend time in the atmosphere of romance and go on a boat trip to see dolphins.

There are many beaches in Bali, and on almost everyone, you will find picturesque sea views and plenty of entertainment.

Sights of Bali: what to see on Valentine's Day

If you like to spend time actively and gain some new experiences, Valentine's Day in Bali can be found in one of the local attractions. For example, go to the Butterfly Park and experience the rainforest's atmosphere, where you will be surrounded by millions of beautiful butterflies of bright colors.


Another option is to go to the Ubud village and visit the ancient temple of Batuan, and then take a walk to the Tegenungan waterfall – its water flows from a high rock, making the splendid water crown with its sparkles.


Want to pamper your beloved one with sweets? Then it's time to make a visit to the Charlie’s Chocolate Factory on the Valentine's Day.

This is not a fabulous character from the Hollywood movie: the American native named Charlie opened his chocolate production and the soap factory in Bali. Here you will be impressed by the miniature houses near the ocean where they produce chocolate, and there is also a massive swing on which you can ride right above the ocean waves. And, like a real American, Charlie, of course, will come up with something original for a holiday. However, to try his chocolate is already a real holiday.

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If you or your spouse loves the “Eat. Pray. Love” movie, on a holiday of love you can arrange an unusual surprise and go to the house of the main character of the film: it is located in the vicinity of Ubud in the middle of the rice fields.

Want to make an unusual gift for Valentine's Day, which will remain with your beloved for many years? Then drop by the silver village between Denpasar in Ubud. Here you will surely find authentic jewelry as a gift for your loved ones. 

What could be more romantic than presenting a silver ring as a gift and making an offer to your beloved in Bali! And where to do this, we describe below.

Wedding Bali: where to make an offer for Valentine's Day

If you have traveled thousands of kilometers from home to spend a romantic weekend in Bali, our guide will come in handy if you choose this island for the most critical recognition. Make your Valentine's Day a genuinely outstanding date!

  • One of the favorite places for weddings in Bali or romantic confessions is the cape at the Balangan beach. It offers a fantastic view, which will make the heart of any girl beating hardly with the exciting;

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  • Abandoned Hotel P.I. Bedugul Taman Rereasi Hotel & Resort became famous after the “Orel & Reshka” travel TV-show.

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  • Now this place, lost in the mountains, has become a favorite for couples in love and nowadays it is considered one of the best places for a declaration of love;

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  • Want to confess in a festive atmosphere - go to the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It is located on a high sheer cape on the southern part of the island. Here you will find the most breathtaking view of the ocean.

You can make an offer in Bali anywhere on the island - after all, there is a unique atmosphere everywhere, filled with love.

Extreme Valentine's Day: what to do for those who love extreme

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Bali can meet the perfect Valentine's Day, even if you do not like the traditional way to hold it. What you can do for this:

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  • Go surfing with your soulmate - almost all the beaches of the island are a paradise for a surfer, and you will spend time actively;

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  • Visit one of the yoga centers or SPA salons in Ubud - this kind of rest will bring you exactly together and set you on romance;
  • Bali is an island of volcanoes well known all over the world. And if you love the extreme impressions, ascend to the volcano Batur can be your most memorable adventure. 

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Making a declaration of love at its top is genuinely romantic. Besides, here you can meet luxurious dawn with your beloved one. And twice as much positive and extreme can be obtained from a double ascent: in addition to Batur, you can take a trip to the Javanese most beautiful active volcanoes – Ijen and Bromo


Both of them will impress you much with their unbelievable sights. You can make your declaration of love standing on the volcano rim or nearby the extraordinary acid lake on the top of the Mount Ijen in the lights of blue fire. 

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Ascending the active volcanoes of Indonesia - this is one of the most unusual ways to express your feelings and spend St.Valentine's Day - this holiday you will remember for a lifetime.

Bali is an island, where all the visitors will find a lot of exciting things to do and feel. Besides, Bali is also very friendly to lovers - the locals are famous for their hospitality and benevolence, and will gladly meet all your wishes. Choose the most exciting offers for you on Valentine's Day holiday and spend your perfect holiday in the most beloved person in the world!

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