30 hours to Kawah Ijen


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30H at Kawah Ijen.
- Surabaya-Kawah Ijen-Surabaya-
From Surabaya,"30 hours to Kawah Ijen "is the most incredible visit to the most extraordinary volcano in Indonesia.

Be ready to experience a trip to another planet, a real adventure in an unexpected place. Imagine climbing this volcano under the stars, to the very top of the rim. Then descend inside the crater, to be the privileged witness of a unique phenomenon in the world, the "blue fires", and of the sulfur miners from the deeps of the Earth. Imagine yourself standing on the shores of the world's largest acid lake, enjoying the magical sunrise from the depths of the volcano. Unforgettable feelings.

Why go visit the Kawah Ijen?

To discover and to approach the unique and magical "blue flames" within an active volcano.

To admire the sunrise over the largest acid lake in the world.

To share with the sulfur miners, the terrifying conditions of their labour within the volcano.

What you will be missing if you travel to Java on your own?

In Java, before visiting Bromo and Kawah Ijen, if you want to organize your trip by yourself and independently you need to have some basic information. All members of INDOTRAVELTEAM share the same passion for adventure, and they all love to travel on their own. But, to discover a new site and particularly an active volcano, it is necessary to understand the challenges of this adventure.

In Java, and especially in the Kawah Ijen area, almost no one can communicate in English, even basic. (Of course, no one speaks French, Russian or any other western language) It is acceptable for basic needs (like finding a room or eating locally) but can be dangerous in the case of safety instructions regarding the ascent and access to the active crater of a volcano.

Of course, some tourists will ensure that it is easy and safe to organize this adventure on your own. While they had only come to Indonesia once and only for a few days, they claim to know Indonesia and give advice about a country as big as Europe (from London to Moscow). They are unfortunately not the best documented and informed of the difficulties encountered by many visitors. Every
week, we personally witness this kind of situation. The time lost and the hazards experienced, the very low savings made and the notorious risks incurred, give no advantage to choosing this option for a pleasant vacation.

"By the lure of saving a few dollars, they lost 2 or 3 days," their good energy "and very often, out of frustration and disappointment, their Karma » reminding us our responsible guide.

To minimize the risks on volcanoes and to significantly save your time and money, it’s important to be supported by a professional team that knows this region perfectly, its customs and languages, as well as its dangers.

Let us be your guiding companions who will take care of every important detail of the organization of your visit, which will allow you to convert this simple excursion into a real and unforgettable adventure.

  • Knowing perfectly the Kawah Ijen site, it's environment and its potential dangers, our Team will help avoid all possible hazards and always find the best solutions to overcome the unexpected, very often, without you even noticing it.
  • Having many years of experience and constantly evolving, we provide security and comfort while keeping the "spirit of adventure" which is essential for this trip.
  • Concentrate on yourself and your feelings, and we guarantee you to finalize every detail of your adventure on this fantastic volcano.

1 - Transfer to Java

We start our trip at 9 am. (Day 1) in a comfortable car or minibus, from Surabaya ( from Probolinggo at  11:30 am).

After several hours of driving through the Javanese landscapes, we arrive at the hotel (simple but clean) and have dinner (picnic). Around 11pm, departure for the Kawah Ijen base camp at 1,900 m above sea level, where we meet our guides, who will give us the instructions for the climb and provide us with masks and lamps.

2 - Night climbing

We will start climbing volcano around 1 am. Our experienced guides will help us along the way to the top. The climb, carried out under a sky lined with stars, will take us approximately 1.30 to 2 hours to complete.

3 - Conquering the volcano crater

The most spectacular part awaits us when we arrive at the top of the crater (2,300 m). In the dark, equipped with our lamps, we descend into the active crater,  witnesses of a phenomenon unique in the world the "blue flames". Guides, former miners or carriers of sulfur, will help us descend slowly to the depths of the earth safely. Take your time and enjoy this unrealistic scene: the rising sun on the largest acid lake in the world, turquoise in colour and witness the work of the sulfur workers who carry huge loads on their shoulders to the top of the caldera.

4 - Descent in the morning light

Around 7 am., we go back to the base camp. Climbing the crater was the first challenge and the second challenge is the descent the volcano slopes by a forest path.

5 - Breakfast and return to Surabaya

Filled with energy and unforgettable impressions, we will begin our return to Surabaya after our Javanese breakfast at the Kawah Ijen base camp for an arrival at our starting point around 4 pm. We can guarantee that you will be tired at the end of this journey; however, it will go away after a few hours of sleep, leaving only room for fantastic memories that you will cherish forever.

Book your trip

To be part of this adventure, simply consult the dates and prices and register to be sure that a place is available. The number of seats is limited; it is better to book as soon as possible.

Price of the excursion: "30h to Kawah Ijen"

Price per person (all included / group trip):

  • IDR 2 690 000rp or 170‎€ or US 195$

SPECIAL PRICE per person (all included) for 2 or more persons:

  • IDR  2 290 000rp or 150€ or Dollar US 170$


No additional costs, except for your own personal needs and tips for drivers and guides.

The price for the 30H to Kawah Ijen tour includes:

  • Transport by comfortable car or minibus.
  • Entrances fees: Kawah Ijen.
  • Professional guides at Kawah Ijen
  • Accommodation at Kawah Ijen. Based on 2 people maximum sharing (1 room per person for solo travelers). Local standard, no hot water, towels, and soap are not provided.
  • Food and beverages Dinner (Day 1) and breakfast (Day 2) A vegetarian option is available, please advise at the time of booking if required.

No alcohol during the trip!

The excursion does not include:

  • Your personal insurance.
  • Food and drink outside meals.
  • Your personal expenses.
  • Tips for guides and drivers.

Private excursions, special requests and various questions

If you plan a personalized excursion (in terms of date, place of pick-up or drop-off, your specific needs or desires, etc.), if you prefer to travel more independently and not within a group or if your budget does not allow you to participate in our extraordinary visit, contact us and we will offer you other options. Send us your request and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Private Excursion

Including in addition:

  • Pick up from and drop off to your hotel in Surabaya *
  • The private driver and guide
  • The comfortable private car
  • The possibility of taking your luggage

Package for:

1 or 2 persons: 6 500 000rp or 420euro or 480us$

3 persons: 9 500 000rp or 610euro or 790us$

4 persons: 11 900 0000rp or 770euro or 880us$

for more than 4 persons, please send a request.

Send us an inquiry and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Special Request

Things to bring with you:

Volcanic temperatures can range from +2 to +25 degrees. That’s why we highly recommend that you think about your own comfort in advance. Consider bringing the following:

  • a pair of sports or hiking shoes;
  • warm clothes (long pants, scarf, jacket, beanie, hat);
  • an extra set of clothes to change into after the hike (T-shirt, socks, etc.);
  • rainwear and wet wipes (you can buy these in any store or gas station);
  • a cap, a hat or a beanie;
  • a small backpack for the climb;
  • an ID card (or a copy).

*Masks, respirators, gloves, lamps and warm clothes will be provided for free before the climb.

Important information:

  • Due to the high volcanic activity of Kawah Ijen and weather conditions, the possibility of descent into the crater can be limited and always determined by the management of the national park every day separately. Anyway, you will have an unforgettable impression from the rim of the volcano, or from inside the crater, with the sunrise above the biggest acid lake in the world, and sulfur mine.
  • Even though you are covered by our tourism insurance, we strongly advise that you be individually insured under a personal travel insurance.
  • No additional costs; you only need to cover your own personal expenses, food and drinks, and tips for drivers and guides.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.
  • Please understand that there will not be any allocated sleeping or rest time during this 24-hour trip. You will be able to sleep and rest during the transportation time inside the car or minibus, during the ferry transfers and during the downtime at the base camp, if the schedule permits.
  • Our company is guided by safety and prevention objectives, and we reserve the right to act at our discretion and in an appropriate manner in the event of unforeseen situations that may arise during the trip. Amounts already paid for the trip cannot be returned.
  • In the event of an eruption or risk of eruption, or of any natural reason "outside our control", the decisions taken by the members or the management of the company will not be able in any case to generate a refund of the sums committed, the company cannot be responsible for these events.

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