Time zones of Indonesia: What you need to know as a traveler

15 May 2019

Here some utterly useless information for you. There are Western (WIB), Central (WITA), and Eastern (WIT) Indonesian time. They differ by one hour and have UTC +7, UTC +8, and UTC +9, respectively. Not so simple. It is the first information that will be offered to you by the Internet upon request «current time in Indonesia.» We, together with the Indotravel team, want to tell you about the country's time in Indonesia, and that is important, interesting, and useful for everyone who is going to go to this fantastic country.

So it goes.

1. Difference in time zones

Indonesia located in three time zones, so the current time on Bali, Jakarta, or Papua will be different – consider this when planning a trip. The time difference with London will be 7 hours ahead, so to find out, for example, local time on Bali now, add 7 hours. Or you can use our sheet and do not worry about calculations.

2. Working and rest time

If you are a seasoned tourist, there was a situation in your life when in the new city or country, the schedule of work of shops, institutions, or state institutions was an unpleasant surprise for you. We wish you only joyful impressions, so we collected this information in one place. In Indonesia, the usual five-day workweek is established, most stores open at nine and close at 18, including on Saturday.

Supermarkets and shopping malls, especially at large resorts, work from 9 to 21, some are open on Sunday. However, if you need to visit a bank, better go in the morning on weekdays, from 8 to 15, and on Fridays to 11.30. Besides, do not forget that Indonesia is a Muslim state, and religious holidays can influence work schedules.

3. Mentality

Western countries and Indonesia differ not only by the time zones but also by people's attitudes towards time management. Indonesians, in general, are very lovely and friendly, but, unfortunately, not punctual people, so relax and do not bother because of small delays (but try to be punctual yourself!).

Moreover, if you are in a hurry, you may be considered rude, as thoroughness and calm are considered a courtesy. For the same reason, it is not a proper manner to interrupt the speech, however broadly, it is expressed. So stop nervously glancing at your watch, enjoy the moment – and let the whole world wait!

4. Traffic jams

Another nuance that you should consider if you go to Indonesia, and especially to the capital, Jakarta – is nightmarish traffic.

Take a taxi or go by car at rush hour – and you will lose a few hours in traffic jams. If you do not want to waste time, better have a walk or take a bike, but be extremely careful on the roads, Asian drivers and pedestrians are very unpredictable.

Also, you can use public transport: local buses (but be ready for crowds), «bemo» (route taxis), moto-taxi, or metropolitan proud – high-speed metro buses TransJakarta.

5. Seasons and holidays

You can go to Indonesia at any time of year – a pleasant climate allows it. The high season lasts from April to September, in these months you will find great weather, a warm sea, a minimum of rain and a lot of exciting cultural events. 

Therefore, on Bali in June, you can plunge into a big festival of street arts, in July-August – see performances of various artists on Jalan Jaksa Street, on Java in August – witnessed a ritual of throwing gifts to the volcano Bromo, «kesodo.» 

From October to February, the rainy season lasts, but do not be afraid of it – downpours, if healthy, pass quickly, and you get used to high humidity. Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to save money, because tickets are much cheaper. However, be prepared that in October-November, you are unlikely to be able to dive, surf, and even swim because of the troubled sea.

Of course, we can tell a lot more, but let's spare your time because it can be experienced by traveling on tour to Indonesia from Indotravelteam. We sincerely hope that you have found the answers to your questions and wish you a pleasant and joyful day!


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