Climate of Indonesia

17 May 2019

Indonesia's warm islands will please those who love the sun and high waves and are not afraid of humidity, saturated air. The climate types of islands are divided into equatorial and subequatorial. Subequatorial islands are in the south and east of the country. There are two seasons – dry and rainy, from March to October and from November to March.

However, the homogeneity of Indonesia's climate is not an issue – for some islands, like Sumatra, Serama, Buru, the weather is reversed, and the seasons change places. There are many microclimatic features of individual islands of the republic, as well as separate equatorial regions.

Humidity in Indonesia is very high – in the rainy season, it reaches 90%, and in other months rarely falls below 80%. The abundant precipitation reaches 300 cm per year. In the lowlands in the daytime – from +28°С to +30°С, in the mountains, the air is more relaxed – +20°С on the average. However, due to the distribution of temperatures, the air loses +1°C every hundred meters up. Atop the mountains lies eternal snow and regular frosts, for example, on the peaks of the island of Iran Jai. The average temperature of the water is about +26°С. Thus, even though tourist activity is usually higher in the dry season, the islands are always warm, even in a rainy season.

Typhoons and storm situations rarely occur in the territory of Indonesia.

Climate of Bali

The climate of the island of Bali, a top-rated resort for surfers and lovers of unique cultures, stands apart. The equatorial-monsoon environment of the island is divided into dry (June to October) and rainy (November to March).

Rains in the wet period are mainly poured at night; there are local thunderstorms that last for 1-2 hours. The average temperature on the island is +26 degrees, water – from +26°C to +28°C. In general, Bali's climate is ideal for an authentic tropical holiday.

What is the best time to visit the island? Experts believe that the best time is a dry season from May to August. You can choose May-June or July-August – it is a matter of taste and your goals. In May and June, there is no substantial rain, quite a few people visit the island, and prices are not that high. It is dry in July and August, but this month a crazy amount of European tourists visit Bali, and the seasonal price increases. On the other hand, the most favorable weather and festivals with holidays usually held in July and August.

We must also add that a large number of tourists from Australia and Indonesia itself arrives here in December.


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