First Indonesia Solo-Trip: Guide For Girls




This idyllic dream of travelling alone has been haunting many women back since the book “Eat Pray Love” came out. To go away and leave everything behind, have some new experience and make acquaintances, but everything all by yourself and your thoughts. Sounds awesome, right?

Lately this kind of trips has became especially popular. One of the main reasons is ‘retreat trips’ concept appearance — solitary journeys for spiritual or psychological working on oneself. More and more people leave their normal life and surroundings for a few days or months, fully dedicating themselves to self-discovery and complete silence due their own various reasons. Solo-travelling — is an extremely powerful practice, that majority just don’t have enough courage to experience because of the number of insecurities or fears. We have created the guide for women, who really want to try solo-travelling, but yet don’t know how to correctly organize it or who to ask for an advice. So, here it is:

Safety First!

The main thought that hits the girls’ mind, who’re planning a first lonely journey is if it is safe enough to do? Of course, tourists attract much more attention, but it’s not always a bad thing. On Java, for example, you seriously have to be very careful. Actually, you have to be cautious literally everywhere — avoid going to places you feel uncertain about and listen to your gut. Try not to scream ‘I am a tourist’ by your look, don’t sit in stranger cars, don’t put your valuables and belongings in the same place and don’t go to the ‘dark districts’ alone especially in the night — these rules are always crucial to remember. Women who are doing solo-travelling for a long time recommend turning on the tracker, so your relatives and friends always know your location — Find Friends for IPhone, and Glympse for Android.

Of course, it’s wonderful to meet new people in a new place, but just be careful to someone, who is intrusively offering help or a company, so trust, but verify. For example, there is no hitchhiking tradition in Indonesia, so when one suggests you a free ride — better look for some proven taxi in Facebook groups.

Furthermore, when you’re alone, it’s important to remember that your route should be more well-thought-out to be ready and know what to expect. That’s why our next tip is also related to the safety:

Plan Your Journey In Advance. At Least a Little Bit

It is obviously super fun to go wherever the feet takes you without the precise route, simply following your heart. But still, if you are on a solo-trip, try to approximately imagine where would you like to go the most: first of all not to waste time looking for attractions when you are on spot, and secondly to know what to be ready for. We suggest starting your journey in Bali, drive through Ubud with staying there for a couple of days, then go to the other island Java to visit volcanoes Bromo and Ijen and world famous temple compounds Prambanan and Borobudur as well.

If you’re willing to see some extreme locations with hard and sometimes dangerous paths, for example mountains or volcanoes, you should certainly better not get going on your own.

For that there are a lot of special group tours to those places, which you can always join.

Even if you want a complete loneliness, it’s safer to find yourself like-minded people joining the Facebook girl solo-travellers groups. There you can read feedbacks, recommendations, advice to understand what to expect. Here's one of them.

The full self-exploring training in Indonesia is obviously yoga and meditation practice. We mean, if not there, then where? You can finish your trip on Vipassana near Jakarta. It is an unique spiritual experience so be sure you are registered really beforehand.

Experiment, relax, listen to your instincts

Reasons why you need a ‘retreat solo-trip’ can be very different — social exhaustion and runaway from the fuss, will to discover your inner self, just a vacation, new experience, wild random decision or reboot. If you are uncertain about flying to the other part of the world alone, maybe you should go solo somewhere closer for first time — Europe, for example. And then go to the Indonesia with renewed vigour. Consider it as a spiritual practice and complete meditation in quiet time only for yourself. But please, don’t forget about safety — it’s a key in different culture and religion country. Take your time for the trip, as much as you need. We’re sure you will be thrilled.

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