What to do if you can't travel during the Coronavirus period

24 March 2020

The world has been stopped as the unknown virus named Covid-19 spread across the globe in less than two months. No one has imagined something like that could ever happen. It feels like living in a sci-fi movie with a bad scenario but with an unpredictable ending. Our governments have decided on drastic orders to shut down our jobs and private lives. Worldwide this means no traveling and for wanderlusters like you and me, pretty big shock.

No need to list the facts about Coronavirus or Covid-19. We strongly recommend reading the advice from your local authorities and governments, and the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), a reliable and trusted source of global news and information. All those organizations advise against all non-urgent traveling, and more and more countries even closed their borders.

Most of us face canceled plans, non-refundable hotel reservations, missed shows, or rare opportunities we've been looking for. And you all received the same answer. Force majeure. After initial shock and anger, let's look at the broader picture and make something out of this situation. And what is that? We have listed some travel-related advice on what to do:

1. Use the extra time we've been given during the social isolation or quarantine to create a bucket list.

Where do you want to go most? What are your preferred options for short and long trips? List all the destinations, choose your faves, and pick your next trip!

2. Properly plan your next trip. For example, plan a big trip knowing that you're saving up for it or waiting for the right time.

Part of the fun of travel is putting together your itinerary. And, you'll have a goal to focus on while you're pulling it all together. Read travel blogs, look into Instagram and Pinterest or be more old school, and read travel books.

3. Learn how to become a pro at packing.

You always wondered how people get so much into their little bag and your much bigger luggage can't carry half of that? There are Youtube videos that make the science of packing. For each destination.

For backpack:

For Suitcase:

4. Learn about when it's the best time to visit different areas.

Have you ever experience arriving at a tropical paradise and then spent 2 weeks in a hotel room due to heavy rain? Don't let it. Add to your bucket list periods when it's the best time to travel. Keep in mind shoulder season sometimes can be optimal as there are fewer crowds.

5. See a foreign movie that will teach you about new countries, new cultures, and history.

As we will never be able to visit all the destinations, this is a pretty good alternative.

6. Learn a new language.

Of the country that is atop of your bucket list or at least a few words that will ease the necessary communication and surprise the locals.

7. Pick up a camera and learn how to take epic shots. Because who does not like the quality photos?

8. Use Facebook and other social media and join groups and pages for locals and ex-pats.

You'll learn a lot of inside information and will be well prepared for when you can travel.

9. Take care of your future travel needs.

Getting a passport renewed isn’t the most exciting activity, but renewing travel documents long before an upcoming, or even last minute trip, will remove some stress for future you. Get that broken zipper on your suitcase fixed, research travel insurance policies and travel credit cards with rewards miles, repack your dopp kit, and do whatever looming tasks you typically hate doing before a trip.

10. Reminisce on a past trip.

Don’t let the highs of previous trips disappear just because you don’t have a rival itinerary coming up. Online photo services allow you to arrange your photos from a special trip into a photo book that can help you relive that bucket list vacation.

Author: Traveller and blogger Nika Pensek,


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