Packing to Asia: An Ultimate Checklist

31 May 2019


Who hates packing as much as loves travelling? Yeah, we’ve all been there! That’s why we created this packing list, that makes it a lot more pleasurable and easier! From now on you’ll never be closing the door and panically thinking whether there’s something you forgot. Let’s go?

Couple days before:

  • Make sure you know exactly how to get to the hotel or flat, where you’ll be living from the airport. You can also download the offline version of your road.
  • Necessarily check the baggage limits, allowed weight and size of your suitcase and backpack. No one wants to pay for the overweight at the airport! :)
  • Research, ladies and gentlemen! Look through all the places you want to visit more. Watch travel vlogs, programs about this country, where you’re going and films shot there to feel the atmosphere and know what to expect. You can also mark the spot in offline map to find location at any time.
  • Speaking of offline maps, we recommend an app Download also all kinds of guides you can
  • Check if your insurance is still valid
  • Do the great laundry

So! What To Bring To Asia?


  • Document holder and wallet. Just in case, make copies of all documents. Hotel reservation confirmation letter, two-way tickets, driving licence, insurance, etc. but not only in electronic form.

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  • Cash. Or to be safe take both Mastercard and Visa cards. There can be some unexpected situations with the bank, so it’s crucial to warn about your planned destination beforehand. There’s an exchange office right at the airport, but currencies can differ from other places.
  • Small but capacious backpack with inner multi pockets and fanny pack for the most valuable stuff. A little tip to protect yourself from the pickpockets — to bring bags in front of you in public places.
  • Chargers and socket adapters. Bring a few just in case. Charge your portable power banks and headphones. We don’t want to be left with no music or, what’s worse, no pics! ;)
  • Filtered water bottle is an amazing boon to always have clean drinking water. Hydration, especially in trips — is the key! But be careful, in most regions of Asia water is not safe for drinking, so double-check.


  • The less is better! Everything should be compact as much as possible and look good in combinations. Have few pairs of bottoms, some tops and sweatshirts.

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  • Great advice is to take slippers to the plane, so you feel a lot more comfy!
  • If you’re travelling during the warm season, bring some hoodies just in case, waterproof jacket or raincoat. Asia has too much breathtaking volcanoes and waterfalls to miss this sight not wanting to get wet or cold!
  • Couple pairs of underwear & socks
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

Toiletries and beauty routine

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  • Here the less is better rule doesn’t work. You have to take extra, cause it’s better to have more, than buying abroad. Perfumes, deodorant, facial care, skincare and haircare products.
  • Don’t forget about the toothbrush too! ;) It’s a common thing!
  • Mini towels and few pockets of washing powder
  • It’s important not to forget the medical kit! We don’t often remember about such small things, but travelling somewhere this far — it’s an urgent need.

Here’s what important:

  • Sunscreen and cooling sunburn care just in case
  • Insect repellent
  • Pain relievers
  • Motion sickness remedy
  • Something for stomach ache, if suddenly experiment with Asian street food doesn’t end well
  • The best way to protect your stuff from the leaking, just pack it in a waterproof bag or wrap it with a duct tape.

Right before you leave

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  • Leave the clean house. Yeah, everybody wants just to lay down after a long trip without even unpacking your suitcase, so it will be much more pleasurable to come back into cleanliness.
  • Give your flat keys to someone you trust. Leave your phone number to the neighbors or someone, who has access to it, while you’re gone.

During the trip:

  • have fun and enjoy!

It’s important to remember that Asia — is a whole new world full of new experiences! Go to the authentic places, cross to the unknown streets to see and feel the real culture, more than a guide recommends. It’s totally worth it!

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