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3 Days Tour to picturesque volcanoes: Bromo and Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen and Bromo are active volcanoes on Java island. This sight amazes even experienced tourists which have seen world. Watching the sunrise from the volcano crater, hearing the ‚roar’ of the Earth and witness shoving its juices.

Kawah Ijen is famous with its ‚blue flames’ — exit of volcanic blue coloured gas, that are especially stunning in the dark. The lake on top is recognized as the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world. Furthermore, you can witness sulphur mining on Kawah Ijen, surrounding waterfalls, hot springs and volcanic landscapes. Bromo is 2300 metres high and is a part of Tengger volcanic massif.

People that have visited volcanoes, let alone active ones, call this the most memorable experience in their lives. Let’s make it in yours too!

Best way to go from Bali to Java

Generally tourists tend to stay in Bali. But since the majority of attractions are located in Java, it may be hard to figure out your route from Java to Bali at first.

Our 3 days tour is made exactly to solve this problem, so you can visit active volcanoes and see half of Javanese culture and go to Bali comfortably. It’s easier than you thought!

Why shouldn’t I hike alone?

This trip is good for both experienced and beginner tourists. Since you are constantly surrounded by professional guides.

As adventure lovers, likewise we prefer to travel on our own. But if it concerns extreme locations, where you need special preparation and familiarity with the area, group tour is rather becoming a necessity.

Our guides:

✓ Are familiar with the area. We will show the best views, choosing the safest routes, share our knowledge of the volcanoes, their history and geology. Each member of our team is perfectly trained to react professionally and provide you with appropriate help during whatever situation is encountered during the excursion.

✓ Know Javanese culture. There is a very specific mentality, moreover hardly anyone speaks English. Some people may try to charge you extra money during the hike, but with our group it’s impossible.

✓ Take care of your comfort. We are thinking through each detail of an adventure, so you can focus on yourself and your emotions from the experience.

What are the activities besides volcanoes?

Java is an extremely picturesque and extraordinary island, with its own ideology and culture. During the 3 days we will have an amazing opportunity to take a deep dive into local life, culture, visit typical Javanese villages, coffee plantations, try traditional cuisine and simply enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

Day 1 — Shuttle to Java

We meet at Surabaya airport at 18:00 or at the Probolinggo railway station at 21:00 and take a comfortable car to the village of Bromo, which is situated 2300 meters above sea level. Here we will have dinner in a traditional Indonesian restaurant — Warung, — and spend the night in a cosy little guesthouse.

Day 2 — Bromo

To get to the volcano, we have to leave as soon as possible, so we start the trip at 3.30 am. With a 4x4 Jeep we reach the observation deck on the volcano's caldera, where we will meet a stunning sunrise over the volcanoes of Batok, Semeru and Bromo.

At the foot of the Bromo we will drive through the “sea of sand” and Hindu temples. After 250 steps, we’ll see a breathtaking view of the edge of the crater, where you can hear the "growling" of the earth with thick smoke.

After Bromo, on the way to Kawah Ijen, we will see coffee plantations, an incredible waterfall in the jungle, if the weather conditions allow, also we'll try a variety of local dishes. At a simple hotel, but clean, we will take a rest for the next step!

Day 3 - Kawah Ijen

At 11.30 p.m., the group gathering starts from the hotel lobby. It takes about 2 hours to get to Kawah Ijen Base Camp. After receiving professional instructions and necessary equipment (flashlight, respirator, & warm clothes if needed), we start climbing about 1 a.m. accompanied by experienced guides. It takes +/- 1.30 hours to get to the highlight of the hike — the volcano crater.

If weather and volcanic conditions allow, with the help of guides, we will descend into the crater of the active volcano to see the spectacular famous "blue lights".

If not, you can also see it from the top. The turquoise lake on an active volcano and the blue smoke playing with colours at the sunrise above the mountainous landscapes — this view is a lifelong memory!

After a few hours, we’ll return to the Base Camp, where the real Javanese family will feed us a traditional breakfast. That's where our adventure ends: we go to Banyuwangi (Java Port) and then to Gilimanuk (Bali Port) and across Bali .

Despite the inevitable physical fatigue, we promise that this feeling will pass quickly, but unforgettable feelings of Nature force and connection with it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Book a spot

To take part in this adventure, all you need to do is check the dates and the rates, and register for the tour as quickly as possible before spots run out. As the number of seats is limited, it is recommended that you reserve your spot as early as possible.

Tour rates: 3 days to Java (per person): US$ 320; €290; RP 4 490 000

ALL INCLUDED (check details bellow)

The tour package includes:

  • Transportation (comfortable car or minibus);
  • Legal insurance for tourist activity;
  • Ferry;
  • Entrances fees (Bromo, Kawah Ijen);
  • Jeep and driver at Bromo;
  • Professional guide service;
  • Provision of lamps, masks, respirators, gloves, and warm clothes;
  • Accommodation at Bromo. Based on 2 people minimum sharing(local standard, hot water only at Bromo, towels, and soap are not provided);
  • Meals and drinks (organic, local Javanese cuisine) pre-ordered according our experience and cant be changed. Vegetarian option is available, please advise at time of booking if required. Food and drinks for your personal choice outside of pre-ordered meals are not included and have to be paid separately.

First day – lunch and dinner.

Second day – breakfast, lunch and dinner (picnic).

Third day – “All you can eat”-style breakfast prepared by a traditional Javanese family.

The tour package excludes:

  • Your own insurance;
  • Food and drinks outside of meals;
  • Personal expenses;
  • Tips for guides and drivers.

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.

Private trips, special requests & other questions

Whether you are planning a non-standard trip (in terms of the date, place of pick up or drop off, specific needs or preferences, etc.), you would prefer to travel independently and not within a group, or your budget doesn’t allow you to take part in our extraordinary tour, contact us so that we may find an alternative option for you.

Private trip


  • pick up and drop off at your place*;
  • private driver;
  • private comfortable car;
  • private professional guides at volcanoes;
  • ability to bring your luggage during the trip.

Package for:

1 or 2 persons: 11 000 000 rp or 690euro or 790$

3 persons: 15 900 000 rp or 990euro or 1140$

4 persons: 19 990 000 rp or 1250euro or 1430$

for more than 4 persons, please send a request.

Send us an inquiry and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Anfrage senden

Important information

Altitude temperatures at the top of the volcanoes (2,300 m) can range from +2 to +25 degrees. We therefore highly recommend that you come adequately equipped.

  • You will need a pair of sports or hiking shoes and warm clothes (jacket, rainwear, sweatshirts, fleece, beanie, etc.) You will also need to bring some toiletries with you (tissues and toilet paper).
  • There will be a variety of local winter hats on sale at the Bromo base camp, available at very low prices.
  • Additional items will be provided for free upon request: jackets, lamps, protective masks, scarves, gloves, hats and rainwear.
  • Even though you are covered by our tourism insurance, we strongly advise that you be individually insured under a personal travel insurance.
  • No additional costs; you only need to cover your own personal expenses, food and drinks outside of meals, and tips for drivers and guides.
  • Our company is guided by safety and prevention objectives, and we reserve the right to act at our discretion and in an appropriate manner in the event of unforeseen situations that may arise during the trip. Amounts already paid for the trip cannot be returned.
  • In the event of an eruption or risk of eruption, or of any natural reason "outside our control", the decisions taken by the members or the management of the company will not be able in any case to generate a refund of the sums committed, the company cannot be responsible for these events.
  • All routing information is given as an indication and can be modified without notice depending on the circumstances, weather conditions, local availability and any needs for change.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the trip.

By signing up for this tour, you are accepting (or even seeking) to be taken out of your “comfort zone”, an inevitable part of any trip to Java.

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