Amazing Bromo area from air: maps and explanations

14 February 2019

Photo by Mikhail Tsyganov

Short description:

1) The initial way of Tengger volcano Lava

2) «Bromo village » Cemara Lawang (+/- 2300m altitude)

3) Sunrise viewpoint (+/- 2750m altitude)

4) Mount Batok (2470 m altitude)

5) Bromo volcano (active : +/- 2300m altitude) (Last eruption: 2016)

6) Sea sand and volcanoes field

7) Semeru volcano (active, eruptive, +/- 3670m altitude) (In eruption since 1967) Highest volcano at Java

Full description:

1) The “lava way”: when Tengger was a supervolcano (a very long time ago, we are speaking about millions of years ago), lava from the volcano used to go by this side. Now, it’s the main road to climb to Cemoro Lawang, the “Bromo village.” On the way to the top, you can see, on the side of the road, the different layers of lava of these old eruptions.

2) Cemoro Lawang (also known as Cemorolawang, Cemora Lawang, or Cemara Lawang) is the last village on Bromo. At 2217m altitude, it’s the starting village to visit Bromo. Most of the people living there are Hindu. Place of all accommodations, very cold during the night. Also, an excellent viewpoint to see Batok and Bromo at sunset.

3) Sunrise Viewpoint: Penanjakan viewpoint. At 2700m altitude, it’s the highest point of the “old” Tengger caldera. Early morning, visitors come to this point to wait for the sunrise in front of “the field of volcanoes.” It’s freezing in the morning if it’s windy, it’s freezing. So many people used to be there so it is better to prefer and choose some other viewpoints without so many tourists. (ask Indotravelteam, they know where to be at the right time ).

4) Batok (or Mount Batok) is about 2470m altitude. It’s a dormant volcano. It had erupted a few centuries ago. Many people are confused about Batok and Bromo because Batok is a typical picture of the volcano profile on this fantastic site. From the 2 Hindu temples, it’s takes around 1h to climb to the top: Hard climb.

Photo by Mikhail Tsyganov

5) Gunung Bromo (2329m). The name of this volcano comes from “Brahma,” the Hindu God. The legend explains that Brahma created the universe inside this volcano! Bromo is of the top 10 of the most exciting volcanoes in the world! More or less, Bromo is in eruption every five years (the last eruption was dec2015 to April 2016). To climb to the top of the crater, you need to rise at least 250 steps. You can take a small horse to help you with the first part of the ascent, but it will not climb the steps: It will be YOUR challenge!

6) Sea sand and volcanoes field: The Sea sand is 11 km long and it’s a protected nature reserve since 1919. Before the sea sand was a lake and nobody knows why and how the water was going out ) Volcanoes field: Mount Cemorolawang (2,227 m), Mount Lingker (2,278 m), Mount Pundak Lembu (2,635 m), Mount Jantur (2,705 m), Mount Ider-Ider (2,527 m) and Mount Mungal (2,480 m). All these volcanoes are inside the caldera of Tengger, the Super Volcano. All are sleeping, and some have a lake inside the crater.

7) Semeru (3676m) (another name: Mahameru (The Great Mountain) It’s the highest volcano at Java. Semeru is a stratovolcano with, during the eruption, both lava flows, and pyroclastic flows. Since 1967, Semeru is an eruption of smoke, stones, and hashes every +/- 20 minutes. It’s tough and also hazardous climb to go to the top.


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